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Updated On Sunday 2nd March 2014

Site No Longer Available

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Sadly we are led to believe that Bingo7 has closed it's doors. If this is not the case then please let us know. Our review below has been left for historical purposes only. Our links will redirect to alternative options.

The first question you may ask about Bingo7 is what happened to Bingo1 through to Bingo6? Sorry we don't know either. Perhaps this site will be like Star Wars which started at Episode 4 and then back filled in at a later date? We of course are jesting and in fact Bingo7 is the 15th member of the up and coming 15 Network.


Staying with number conundrums, although 7 is the 15th member of the 15 Network it won't be the last. Lucky Rainbow is expected to become the 16th member of the group. We'll let you know as and when that site launches.

Back to Bingo7 and there's not much really to say. As a network site it has all the same promotions and offers that other incumbents already have - namely free bingo, slots, a mix of games and regulars such as Weekend Wad, Friday Fever and Lucky Lotto. New players are welcomed with a 200% bonus - this increases thanks to a spin bonus provided 10 or more is deposited.

On the plus side Bingo7 is a very attractive site, perhaps taking over from Tidy, as the tidiest on the network. The graphics at the front end of the site are beautifully colourful and detailed - although once logged in you've got the usual Jumpman Platform from which you play bingo and slots.

To keep you informed about life at the site there's also a blog. It's standard fair and it's not something that will make it on to the "must read" any time soon. Our advice is stick to following them on Facebook. Surprisingly they've already amassed over 1000 followers - with Dublin the most popular city amongst those that have liked so far. It's a far cry from the 2 folks that they've picked up for their Twitter account!

Overall '7 is a nice looking bingo site that offers the potential for exclusives via social media. Worth a look but you may feel that you've seen it before.

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