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Wagering terms and conditions will apply - Please gamble responsibly! are a regular advertiser on TV and they're back with a new campaign. It features four guys who sound like they're treating their visit to the casino as a business meeting. It's perhaps a little unfair to say it reminds us a bit like a scene from The Apprentice - mind you most business orientated adverts suffer in that regard.

Anyway the four men exit a lift in a posh office building and impart advice to each other about visiting They suggest that you don't believe in streaks and keep your head down. If you win you shouldn't get carried away but if you lose you shouldn't chase your losses. We're told that players at the site win over 40million a month and in fact that's why they call it Super Casino! It just needs "Lord Sugar's search for his next apprentice continues" as a voiceover and this ad would be perfect.

One part of the advert we've not mentioned that may excite a few is the free bonus offer. Currently are offering all new players 15 free with no deposit needed. However, the wagering requirement on this bonus is a massive x99! This means 1485 must be wagered in 30 days before you would be allowed to withdraw any winnings. That's quite hefty and you may wish to consider not accepting the freebie as in our view the wagering terms are quite high.

It's actually nice to see something different to the usual shots of slots and table games. However, on the other hand this is pretty boring in many respects. We think it's more Apprentice-esque than casino advert but at the same time you could voice over "We Are Injury Lawyers For You" and you'd be none the wiser. Four guys walking out of a building is just a tad tedious. Mind you, casino ads have so many regulations attached to them about over glamorising gaming that perhaps mundane is as exciting as it gets.

Overall, at least for us, the advert doesn't convey "super" in any way and the wagering requirement is only "super" in terms of it's size. This is a disappointment as is a decent site with plenty of choice in terms of slots and table games. The addition of live TV, something not mentioned in the ad, helps enhance play. Our advice is ignore the ad, visit the site and make sure you read those bonus terms carefully before agreeing to them.

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