Tips To Playing Blackjack

As well your basic strategy guide you're also going to need a few tips on how to play (and hopefully win) at Blackjack.

Aim for 17: The dealer will draw until they have a hand of 17 or more and then they will tend to stand. Aim to get at least 17 as this will give you an advantage as the dealer plays under different rules to you. Remember you are allowed to see one of the dealer's cards. Don't ignore this as an up card of 2 to 6 is more likely to bust than a 7,8,9,10 or ace. Use this to your advantage.

Don't take risks! Never hit a hard 17 or higher or a soft 19 or higher. You may not always win, but there's little chance of improving the hand at this stage.

Split the 8s! If you have a pair of 8s then you'll want to split them. 16 is not the best hand and by splitting your cards you'll have a chance of making at least one good hand.

Split the Aces! A pair of aces can count as two or twelve. If you split them they automatically become 2 elevens, giving you a good chance of picking up a 10 to make Blackjack.

Ignore Insurance! Some casinos will offer you insurance. Don't take it as this increases the house advantage.

Practice for Free! The best way to become good at Blackjack (well at least learn the basic strategy) is to practice. Most casinos will offer free play for fun and it's here where you can hone your skills and implement the tips and ideas included in basic blackjack strategy. An average player makes silly mistakes - a good player knows the strategy and whilst may not always win - does know they have an advantage.

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