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Mystic Meg first came to public prominence when she used to make predictions on The National Lottery TV show. Since then she's been a stalwart of astrology at The Sun and previously The News of The World. Her annual predictions for the year ahead are eagerly awaited at the start of a New Year. Frequently Meg will predict cash wins - and cash wins could be on the way to you(oooooh) if you play the Mystic Meg slot game at Sun Bingo.

Mystic Meg Slots

Mystic Meg Slots is an exclusive game at Sun Bingo. It's a 5 reel 20 payline slot that features signs of the zodiac as well as Mystic Meg. There's no place for Mystic Mog though, the cat who features in Sun Bingo's Having A Ball live TV show. The game is accompanied by some mystical music which thankfully only plays when the reels are spinning.

Sun Bingo do like to restrict the amount of wagering players can do on slot games. They're aim is for you to have fun whilst not spending lots of cash. With this philosophy it means that on Mystic Meg Slots you can only play between 1p and 50p a line. The maximum bet is therefore 10. Newer games to the site will allow up to 50 a spin.

Mystic Meg looks great but we found it hard to differentiate between the zodiac symbols. They are obviously different but they don't stand out and a number have similar colours. The game has a number of features including scatter, wilds and bonus rounds. Unfortunately we were unable to review the bonus rounds - despite a significant number of spins on the game.

We had hoped to see if Mystic Meg would pop up on a bonus round and offer a prediction or two. As is we only see her presence at the top of the game and as the "wilds". We think this misses a trick as it would be lots of fun seeing something a little more intuitive. "I predict a win is coming soon" occasionally would break the monotony.

Mystic Meg Slots can be played for free or for real money exclusively at Sun Bingo.

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