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Heather Graham In A Famous Foxy Scene

Added on Monday 11th September 2017

New bingo adverts are becoming an endangered species! We've only featured a couple of adverts during 2017 compared to ten times that number during 2015. Gala have been active in this area but only via churning out variations of their Gala-la-la theme. The only other truly active brand TV ad-wise is Foxy Bingo and they have decided to try something a little different with Heather Graham.

In the ad called "Famous Scene", Heather Graham is sitting quietly at a bar when she's approached by two excited "fans". They ask her to re-enact a famous scene for them. Heather agrees and asks if it's the one where it's raining and she's crying! We have no idea if this relates to any of her films, it's most certainly not in Boogie Nights.

Anyway, the two "fans" in fact want Heather to do her Foxy impression. The A-List celebrity happily obliges and even does the voice! Thankfully there's no nonsense about pathos or Foxy's sociopathic tendancies. Heather also doesn't have to don the famous purple costume and in fact looks incredibly foxy in a white roll next top and leather skirt.

Things conclude with Heather putting on some large sunglasses - presumably to hide from the fact she's involved in a bingo advert - and returning to her reading. The remainder of the ad pushes Foxy's 5 no deposit bonus for new players.

Unfortunately Foxy Bingo's owners opted to screw their affiliates this year so we can't send you to them. However, if you are still playing there look out for a new unique game that's coming soon. It's being teased as The Pursuit of Foxiness and will offer freebies, bonuses, spins and random fun.

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