Loquax Compliance Statement

As a company that promotes gambling online we are fully aware of the importance of being compliant with ASA and UK Gambling Commission regulations. Below we outline the steps Loquax has taken to ensure our service follows these regulations. Loquax now only operates one additional site, Loquax Bingo. This site now contains the vast majority of our bingo and slots content. Our other sites, namely Penny Bingo and Spins, were closed down in 2023.

Significant Terms

We actively work to ensure that promotions and offers on our sites are up to date and in no way misleading to our users. Where required we include notices relating to wagering terms and conditions, a please gamble responsibly message and an indicator that affiliate links are in use. We are also explicit in explaining that our content is not influenced by affiliate relationships.

Banners & Images

As part of our commitment to compliance, changes were made to the Loquax logo. Our cartoon duck has been removed from the logo and will not be used on social media going forward. Visitors to Loquax will only see our original logo after logging in to the site. Other imagery on Loquax has also been updated (e.g. operator screenshots) whilst others (e.g. slots screenshots) have been replaced. Banners from operators are shown on our sites. In all cases these banners are served direct and should be up to date. The banners shown are usually changed every month.

Social Media

Loquax doesn't undertake any paid social media campaigns for gambling operators. All our social media outlets are compliant with regards to terms, please gamble responsibly and other relevant messages. On Facebook are audience restrictions are set to 18 or over.

Our social media pages are as follows:

Promotions that feature on the above sites will now be links into our sites and not be direct marketing. We have other social media accounts for our gambling brands such as Slots Gold, Snappy Bingo and Clucky Bingo but these don't advertise other operators.

Other Types Of Promotion

In addition, Loquax doesn't participate in SMS Marketing, Pop Unders, PPC, Media buying, ad-exchanges or video marketing.

Updated 19th September 2023