Loquax's Wordle Buddy

Wordle is the word game craze of 2022! Wordle is a free to play daily word game created by Josh Wardle. The aim of the game is to guess a mystery five letter word in six turns or less. On each turn you are shown whether a letter in your guess is correct (turns green), correct but in the wrong place (turns yellow) or not involved in the word (turns grey). If you're old enough it's very similar to the Mastermind board game. More recently it's pretty similar to the Lingo TV quiz show.

Get Help With Your Wordle

We do suggest that you try and play Wordle without any assistance as that makes the game a lot more fun. However we all get stuck sometimes and that's where our original crossword buddy comes in handy. By entering letters that you have already discovered our buddy can give you suggestions on words that may help you solve the puzzle. All you need to do is enter the letters in the boxes below and generate the results.

How To Use Wordle Buddy

WordleBuddy is a simple tool to help with finding matching words for the daily wordle quiz - or similar games. Here's how to use it.

1. Enter green letters in the spaces above and leave any unknowns blank. Click submit to generate suggested answers.

2. If you have yellow letters try them in different spaces to generate suggested answers.

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