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Another day, another win a home controversy. This time it’s Win A Mega Home in the spotlight. This competition ended on 31st December 2018 and offered entrants the chance to win a £3million property in Ringwood for the prize of £25 per ticket. The competition, like so many others, failed to generate the required number […]

The end of 2018 saw a number of win a house competitions reach their closing date. Unlike the Millionaire Mansion folks who decided to keep their competition going, all those that closed have stuck to their original terms and conditions. The bad news for entrants is that no one won a property from any of […]

Back in March, Shamus Fitzsimons closed their Win Your Dream Home competition. When we wrote our review of this competition we noted that the promoter didn’t indicate the values of expenses and marketing fees to be taken before determining the cash value. Fitzsimons may have been wise to look at these concerns because 6 months […]

Since ‘Win A Country House’ launched in February 2017, around 30 other home competitions have opened and concluded. A further 20 are ongoing! Despite the number of competitions, only one – the first one – has actually given away a house between 2017/18. Since our last round-up there’s been a few more noteworthy events in […]

2017 will go down as the year that win a house competitions made their comeback. It all kicked off with Melling Manor which resulted in Marie Seager from Warrington taking ownership of the property worth £800,000 as a result of a £2 ticket. Since then countless other properties have been added to our win a […]

It’s like blast from the past week here on the Loquax Blog. Firstly we were back writing about automated competition entry services and now we’re going to be back about win a house competitions. Remember them? They were all the rage a few years ago when people thought that they could sell their homes in […]

There seems to be an unwritten rule about win a house competitions! When Jason isn’t anywhere near the computer then something new and win a house related will appear in the news. Sure enough, this week whilst out doing business stuff (yes we do business things, honest) there was an article in The Telegraph about […]

Win a House competitions could be about to become hot news again with the launch of a brand new site. Poachers Retreat is the latest home on offer to potential entrants who wish to part for £25 a ticket. The big difference between this house and similar sites is that this is a Three Million […]

It’s been a while since we blogged about the various Win a House competitions that exist and in that time a number of them have closed. Sadly none have concluded with a new home winner like the Oldborough Estate competition. What has happened is that a number of cash prizes have been awarded. Cash prizes […]

After almost a year since they appeared on The BBC and over six months since they sold the final ticket and The Gambling Commission stepped in to investigate the competition, The Wilshaws of Oldborough Retreat have finally concluded their win a house competition. Not only have they made someone the owner of a huge Devon […]