Loquax Cookies & What They Mean

The EU have decided that UK websites need to explain how websites use cookies. In order to be compliant we have put together the following explanation! We use 'cookies' in order to be able to offer user tools such as the tracker and forums. With some links out of Loquax, namely affiliate links (see below), you may get third party cookies for other purposes such as order tracking in online shops or for targeting advertisements to particular types of visitor.

What Cookies Do We Set?

This is a list of all the cookies Loquax has currently stored on your computer.

Field NameContents

What Do They Do?

We have been developing Loquax since 1998 and often use cookies to provide you with services that need to remember things as you click from page to page. Depending on which of our services you use you may see a variety of different cookies in the list above. Here we describe some of the more common ones.

Cookies with the "field name" beginning with bb are set by our forum software which is vBulletin. You will see some of these cookies even if you are not logged into Loquax as the software uses them to keep track of individuals users. When logged in you will see cookies such as bbuserid which is your Loquax user number and bbpassword which is not your password but is an authentication token showing that you are logged in.

We have personalisation options that allow you to see the site in a format that suits you. For example, if you use the "small/medium/large" option we will set a styleside cookie to remember your choice.

Our competition tracking services use cookies to temporarily keep track of the competitions you have entered. For example, using the v1 tracker we set cookies such as compID that show which competitions you are currently looking at, and store any comments you make locally until they are saved to our database, after which we delete the cookies on your computer.

Cookies with the "field name" beginning with __utm are set by Google Analytics which we use to get insights into how users use the site to help us make it better. They track data such as when you visit the site, which website referred you to us and which pages you visit but do not identify individual users. Although you may see cookies with these names on other sites which also use Google Analytics you are not tracked between sites, we only see what you do on Loquax. You can learn more about Google Analytics Cookies.

Blocking & Deleting Loquax Cookies

If you do not wish to accept cookies from Loquax your usage of the site will be extremely limited, for example, you will be unable to login. The best way to block cookies is to use the options provided by your web browser. You can find out how to block and delete cookies at AboutCookies.org.

Affiliate Marketing

Loquax, like many other sites, uses affiliate marketing to generate revenue. These links earn us commission based on sales or other user activity. Our affiliate links can mainly be found in advertising positions ike banners, in offers and in our gaming channels. Some of our competition listings will have an affiliate link - whilst not indicated the sites are usually found at the top of listings prior to the main A-Z groupings.

Affiliate links have no effect on you or our editorial decisions. In the main, most competition links are not affiliate links. However when you do use affiliate links you will receive a cookie that shows that you have clicked through from Loquax. Similarly some advertisers may place cookies on your computer showing that you saw them on Loquax. Loquax has no access to these third party cookies.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about cookies or our compliance pages then please contact us.