How To Enter & Win Competitions With Loquax

So you want to enter competitions and hopefully win prizes but you're not sure where to begin? Well you've come to the right place! Loquax started life online in 1998 (yes it has been that long) and we've watched online comping change so much in those years. Originally competitions were few and far between but the prizes were quite good. Promoters were happy to giveaway big prizes and multiple small ones. However as websites mushroomed around the net more giveaways appeared. Then came Facebook and social media to revolutionise the web and comping.

Entering competitions back in the day consisted of visiting a website, adding your details and waiting for the wins. Now there's share, tag, comment, mobile apps, gleams, rafflecopters, blogs, spam, cheating, automated entries, voting issues etc. This means that comping can become quite a confusing and frustrating hobby. But the good news is that the fundamentals remain the same. You visit a site or brand, perform an action and wait for the wins to roll in!

As Loquax has grown over the years we've created various help guides and information about online comping. To be honest we've not been as proactive in this area as we could be. The hobby keeps evolving and maintaining an up to date and covers all aspects of comping guide is quite tough. There are also numerous other guides, tips and hints out there which we think can't really be bettered. But we do have some useful information to share and you'll find it all linked here.

1. Loquax's Top Tips For New Compers

What do you need to do to start and continue your life as a comper? We've put together our top tips to help you make the most of this fun and sometimes rewarding pastime. From positivity to email addresses we have the basics covered.

2. Where To Find Competitions

Where's the best place to start looking to enter online competitions? You can't go too far wrong using Loquax as thanks to our community we have plenty of comps for you to choose from. However there are other options including social media groups and finding competitions for yourself.

3. Competition Scams

The exciting world of comping isn't all prizes and wins. There are a few nasties lurking under the surface so we tell you what to look out for and how to avoid them. Avoiding fake Facebook pages, dodgy competitions and bogus letters will make your hobby a lot more enjoyable.

4. Competition Magazines

They were all the rage back in the day, but Comping Magazines have gone all Highlander - there can only be one - and it's not Competitor's Companion! Today there's only one actual printed magazine for compers plus a couple of online subscription services. Or you could just use Loquax for free!

5. Competition Books

Why would you need a book to help you enter competitions? A little bit of advice is always useful and there are a couple of publications that we think are worth the pennies. There isn't a Loquax book by the way - maybe one day we'll reveal all!

6. All Your Comping Questions Answered

Entering competitions can be a lot of fun but what kind of competitions are there? How do you know if you've won? Do people really win competitions? We try and answer the popular questions!

7. Loquax Guide For Promoters

Loquax was the first competition portal to put together a promoter's guide to running competitions! Our guide offers useful hints and tips to running a good competition for you and your entrants!

8. Entering Win A House Competitions

Loquax has been following win a house competitions - also known as house raffles - since they first launched in 2008. In that time we've seen over 100 different promotions come and go. If you're new to these kind of competitions then check out our FAQ.

9. So You Want To Run A House Raffle?

A lot of people are looking at using raffles to sell their homes. Over the years we've observed how other win a house competitions have been managed and hopefully we can offer some pointers and advice if you're considering going down this route.

10. Raffle/Pay To Enter Sites

Pay to enter prize draws - sometimes known as raffle sites - have become part of the comping landscape in recent times. From pennies to pounds you can enter to win cash, cars, holidays and even houses. But what are they all about and should you use them?

11. The Loquax Competitions Blog

The Loquax blog is where we share help, advice, hints and tips for better comping and competitions. In the past we've covered automated comping entries but these days we do feature a lot of content on win a house competitions.

If we've missed anything out or you have a question for us then please feel free to contact us - we're happy to help!