Postcard & Offline Competitions

Loquax has primarily focussed on online competitions, however thanks to our users there's always been a number of postcard and postal entry competitions listed in the competition forums. Offline competitions are often found in magazines, newspapers or the traditional entry forms that were once abundant in local supermarkets. However, the number of postal entry and entry form competitions has declined over the years as more and more promoters opt for social media and online competitions. Most supermarkets have all but stopped running entry form competitions, whilst most on-packet competitions are either instant win or have an online element.

Where To Find Postal Entry Comps

Ironically it's The ITV Competitions where offline plays a greater role! These competitions started off as free to enter via the internet but ITV removed that option and so entries for the biggest prizes are now confined to SMS, postal, phone-in or a paid for web entry. Alongside ITV it's the popular magazines such as Bella, Chat and Take A Break which keep the offline entry route flying although even these offer online entry. The decline in offline comps has meant that dedicated free services have also declined and perhaps many compers of today won't remember the likes of Compnet and Teldata! This leaves the main sources for offline competitions as the dedicated comping magazines, but even these are struggling compared to yesteryear. In fact there's now just one dedicated competition magazine!

Where To Find Purchase Necessary Comps

Whilst supermarket entry forms may have declined it hasn't meant the end of product related competitions and prize draws. Purchase necessary competitions, where you need to buy an item as a qualifier, are very popular. Brands like Cadbury, Tesco and Walkers for example regularly run big promotions. Some compers are surprised to find that at Loquax we do include an extensive list of Purchase Necessary comps on our listings. The prizes in this section tend to be much more attractive than the majority of free entry giveaways so they're well worth keeping an eye on, especially if items are on your regular shopping list. If you're really dedicated then you may even switch brands during a promo! For more purchase necessary comping news you might want to check out Superlucky where there's an excellent shopping list list!

Comping Acronyms & Definitions

Work out your LWE's from your WEM's and your AIOE's to PPE's with our handy guide to comping terms and acronyms. Definitions are reproduced from a posting made in 2003 on the Loquax forums.

  • Comper - one who does comping!
  • Winner - what a comper wishes to become when comping!
  • Professional Comper - media term for someone who wins a lot of comps!
  • AIOE - All In One Envelope
  • AOOP - All On One Postcard (enter all the comps on the one postcard)
  • CD - Closing Date
  • DISC - Discussion (Discussion about comping)
  • DTP - Day Time Phone (number)
  • DTT - Day Time Telephone (number)
  • E/F - Entry Form
  • FPD - Free Prize Draw
  • JB - Jiffy Bag
  • LWE - Long White Envelope (hopefully bringing news of a win)
  • NPN - No Purchase Neccesary
  • OOM - Order Of Merit
  • PC - Post Card
  • PH - Phone Comp
  • POP - Proof Of Purchase
  • PP - Plain Paper (and means exactly that, not lined or patterned)
  • PPE - Plain Paper Entry
  • SAE - Stamped (Self) Addressed Envelope
  • STD - Spot The Difference
  • TXT - texting comp
  • WEM - Winning E-Mail
  • WTC - Winning Telephone Call
  • W³ - W to the power of 3, means World Wide Web