Win A House Sites - Stats & Success Rates

When win a house competitions first started out back in 2009 the process was pretty much the same. A home owner would build their own site, manage their own marketing and hope enough people would visit. As property competitions have resulted in more winners since 2020 things have changed. Home owners wanting to raffle their homes are looking at companies such as Raffall whilst platforms like RaffleHouse are trying to become a goto site in the sector.

Raffall is perhaps the most well known platform and easily has had the most competitions when compared to other services. They tend to have many competitions running all at the same time. However companies like Cwellyn Dream and Tramway Path have all ran more than one competition and hope to do more in the future. Meanwhile newer sites like FrogHopper and Prize Villas aim to establish themselves as genuine alternatives to Raffall.

Raffall - Most Popular

Total Competitions: 122 Open Competitions: 2 Home Winners: 17 Cash Winners/Closed: 103 Success Rate: 14%

RaffallRaffall has been responsible for turning house competitions on their head. In 2020 Dale Tate became the first person to successfully conclude a property giveaway on the platform. Since then there have been a large number of home owners hoping to follow Dale's success. Raffall is a raffle platform that allows users to quickly set-up and run raffles. The advantage of Raffall over many other sites is that it's free to set-up a competition. The disadvantage is that if the competition doesn't sell enough tickets then the owner gets nothing and could end up out of pocket if they've invested in marketing.

Tramway Path - Most Successful

Total Competitions: 11 Open Competitions: x Home Winners: 11 Cash Winners/Closed: x Success Rate: 100%

Tramway PathAs above, we guess the guys behind the first Tramway Path competition may not have expected to be running more contests. We don't really know too much about them other than the first two properties they were behind were their own. Like Cwellyn Dream and Raffle House they tend to put up one contest at a time and focus on getting the job done. They are active on social media which is great for transparency. They're quite probably the most successful property prize draw company to date!

Omaze - Guaranteed House Winners

Total Competitions: 29 Open Competitions: 1 Home Winners: 28 Cash Winners/Closed: x Success Rate: 100%

OmazeOmaze are a huge worldwide fund raising for charity company. They're well known for offering "money can't buy" prizes. They became well known in The UK during 2020 when they launched their first house competition. Unusually for this kind of promotion Omaze guaranteed that the property would be won regardless of ticket sales. This guarantee is also on their other UK home contests. Individuals can't sign up to raffle their own houses with Omaze.

Raffle House

Total Competitions: 13 Open Competitions: 1 Home Winners: 1 Cash Winners/Closed: 11 Success Rate: 8%

Raffle HouseLaunched in 2018 Raffle House has been one of the most proactive brands in the sector, at least when it comes to marketing. They tend to run one house property competition at a time and couple their efforts to giveaway a home with additional weekly lifestyle contests. These contests help generate continued interest in the main prize but they are known for adding extensions to their competition closing dates. Recent prize draws have resulted in cash winners but the company have been less than transparent with respect to how much was paid out.

Raffique - Now Closed

Total Competitions: 5 Open Competitions: x Home Winners: x Cash Winners/Closed: 5 Success Rate: 0%

RaffiqueRaffique was set up as an alternative to Raffall by the host of Win A Forest Side Home and business partner. Like Raffall users can list their own prizes, including property, and run their own prize draws. To date the platform has struggled with property raffles and withdrew the second attempt to giveaway Forest Side Home. That said it is transparent and a successful house competition campaign could elevate it's credentials.

McKinney Competitions

Total Competitions: 22 Open Competitions: 2 Home Winners: 16 Cash Winners/Closed: 4 Success Rate: 80%

McKinney CompetitionsMcKinney Competitions is an established raffle site based in Ireland. It's well known for giving away cars and large cash prizes. Like Elite Competitions and Bear Competitions it has tried - and successfully completed - a few house prize draws. This is despite a hefty price tag when it comes to the entry fee.


Total Competitions: 11 Open Competitions: x Home Winners: x Cash Winners/Closed: 11 Success Rate: 0%

Frog HoppingLaunched in 2021 FrogHopping is a new site from Zelar Investments Ltd. The site is well designed and provides a lot of detail about the properties on offer. It does feel a bit cold though as it lacks the human story aspect that Raffall sometimes can have. Despite promising much this site has failed to deliver and from October 2021 dropped ticket prices from 20 to 1 in a desperate attempt to generate sales.

Cwellyn Dream

Total Competitions: 2 Open Competitions: x Home Winners: 1 Cash Winners/Closed: 1 Success Rate: 50%

Cwellyn DreamWhen the owners of Cwellyn Dream in North Wales put their property up as a competition prize they probably didn't expect to end up helping others do the same. However the first Cwellyn Dream competition was a model of transparency and so well executed that it's good to see their expertise in a sector dogged by poor competition management. The site is great and the information perfect. We can't praise these guys highly enough and advise all would be home competition organisers to follow the Cwellyn Dream lead.

Visit Central Italy - Now Closed

Total Competitions: 5 Open Competitions: x Home Winners: 1 Cash Winners/Closed: 4 Success Rate: 20%

Visit Central ItalyIt's not just UK properties that are put up as prizes in these kind of competitions. Visit Central Italy launched their first property competition at the start of 2020 but have since added further competitions although the locations are not exclusively Italy. The site is run by a UK company who also list properties for sale. The properties that are listed as contests seem to be chosen from the for sale listings. Don't waste your time or money with them!

Win Your Dream & Win A Country Home

Total Competitions: 4 Open Competitions: x Home Winners: 2 Cash Winners/Closed: 2 Success Rate: 50%

Win Your DreamIn many ways Win A Country Home from Mike Chatha can be credited with kicking off the Win A House sector's impressive property winning run of 2020. With the country in lockdown the chance of winning Shrubbery Farm in Shrewsbury proved to be tempting to entrants. The success of this competition sparked Chatha into running further competitions under Win A Country Home and Win Your Dream with mixed success. We have combined the stats for both sites.

Win My Dream Home Home

Total Competitions: 2 Open Competitions: x Home Winners: x Cash Winners/Closed: 2 Success Rate: 0%

Win My Dream HomeLaunched in 2019 Win My Dream Home from Misuma Ltd has been set up to make entering property competitions easy plus help raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity. Like Cwellyn Dream and Tramway Path it runs one house contest at a time. Despite having really good transparency the company didn't manage to giveaway a house. Their platform is now running cash prize draws and they don't seem very successful to date.

Prize Villas - Now Closed

Total Competitions: 6 Open Competitions: x Home Winners: x Cash Winners/Closed: 6 Success Rate: 0%

Prize VillasLaunched in 2020 Prize Villas offers a new way to sell your holiday home. It's aim is to be similar to Raffall and provide a safe and secure platform for home owners to giveaway their property. It is owned by McMark Enter Prizes Ltd so all competitions are under UK law. Initially we thought that the site was only for property in Spain, but it has recently added property in Italy to it's roster. As far as we know Prize Villas is the only site that accepts payment from crypto wallets. The platform closed in 2021.

Notes About The Numbers

Total Competitions: The number of competitions logged by Loquax for the particular platform.

Home Winners: The number of competitions that have concluded with a property winner.

Cash Winners/Closed: The number of competitions that have ended with either a cash winner or conclusion other than a property winner (e.g. cancelled).

Success Rate: The number of house competitions that have concluded with a property winner divided by the number of closed competitions. This value will change as the number of open competitions close during the coming months.