CwellynDream Is Now Revvl


CwellynDream Is Now Revvl

Way back in 2020 when win a house competitions really started to snowball, a renovated cottage located between the Llyn Peninsula and Snowdonia National Park, North Wales was put up as a potential prize by a new platform called CwellynDream. The prize draw was, in our view, one of the better ones to appear in the sector as the organisers were transparent throughout the process. Their first competition resulted in a house winner but the second attempt in June 2021 fell short of the distance required. However the winner still ended up walking away with a huge cash prize. Whilst other platforms, such as Raffle House, continued their win a house journey, the CwellynDream sadly came to an end. A massive shame really given that their approach to running house prize draws was exceptional and of a standard that some still fall short of today. The good news is that the people behind CwellynDream are back. However it’s not in the win a house sector but in the more general pay to enter prize draw. They’re hoping to offer entrants “the chance to experience the biggest sports events in the world” through a new site called Revvl.

What Is Revvl?

Revvl has been set up by Ryan Mclean who with his wife Katherine ran the two CwellynDream prize draws. It is a pay to enter prize draw site that wants to offer “Incredible Experiences For Good”. This means that when you purchase a ticket not only are you in the draw for an amazing prize but you’re also helping good causes. In the first instance the charity being supported is Race Against Dementia. According to Race Against Dementia “Revvl has very kindly committed to donate 80% of its maiden competition ticket sale’. This is confirmed on Revvl’s FAQ which states that “Revvl retains 20% of ticket sales to pay for those amazing experiences, as well as marketing, advertising and salaries for our staff”. That’s incredibly generous and a huge percentage to charity. In the past when we’ve seen win a house competitions for example raise funds for charity then usually the donation comes as a percentage of profit.

The Ultimate F1 Experience

If you’re a fan of Formula 1 then this prize is a dream as Revvl are offering the chance to win the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime F1 experience from 2 – 9 July 2025. The prize is for a group of four and includes staying at Crucis Park Mansion between the 2nd and 9th July 2025. This property comes with it’s staff, heated pool, sauna, hot tub and tennis court. You’ll have VIP tickets for the British Grand Prix which you’ll travel to via a private helicopter. At the event you’ll have VIP access to the Paddock Club and therefore able to enjoy everything Silverstone has to offer. If all that wasn’t enough then a £10,000 cash sum is included in the bundle. Note that this prize is only guaranteed to be awarded if 40,000 tickets are sold. If less than 40,000 are sold then a cash prize alternative will be awarded. According to Revvl’s FAQ if 20,000 tickets are sold then the cash prize will be approximately £10,000 whilst it’ll be £20,000 if 30,000 tickets are sold. Whatever happens a winner will be selected using a random number generator and the result will verified by a solicitor. It’s not clear whether Revvl will be performing the draw live.

How To Enter Revvl Competitions

To take part you need to register an account and purchase tickets to be in the draw. Ticket sales are due to close on 31st July 2024. If you were registered with CwellynDream then you still have to set up a new Revvl account. Once you’ve registered it’s just a case of logging in and purchasing tickets. One ticket costs £5 but there are no discounts for bulk purchases. Additionally we couldn’t see any limits to the number of tickets you can buy. In terms of responsible play we’d like to see a cap in place. Payments can be made online using either a debit or credit card. A no purchase neccesary option is available. If you prefer to enter via this option then details about how to enter the draw are given within the site’s FAQ. All postal entries must be received within 3 days of the closing date to be considered valid. Note that if you do use this route then there’s no benefit to the charity being supported.

How Will Revvl Fair?

Launching just before the 2024 British Grand Prix is a clever bit of marketing by Revvl, who will obviously be hoping that interest in the event will spark plenty of interest in their first competition. The ticket price is reasonable and the prize is definitely a must have for any fans of British F1. Can they sell enough tickets is always the big question? The pay to enter prize draw sector has increased in size since CwellynDream and that means potential entrants have many more options where to spend their money. New entrants into the sector, even those with dreams to raise funds for charity, have to work extra hard to build an audience and an audience willing to spend cash too. Our only thought is that the prizes may not have wide appeal and that could be limiting. An option to take a cash alternative to the main prize offered (should sufficient tickets be sold) could open up that interest?