Lottery Statistics - Couples & Triplets

Everyone loves a good statistic, so we've put our lucky ducks to work to crunch out some numbers regarding the UK Lottery, Spanish Lottery and others. They've been busy figuring out the hot and cold numbers as well as which doubles, triples and quaruples frequently occur.

The statistical results are limited to our own data set, which for most lotto games stems back to 2013. However we have broken down the results into annual reports too. Whether the results can help you win the jackpot we're not so sure... but you never know!

It's important to note that the information provided in our statistical analysis is based solely on the data in our possession. It's provided on an "as is" basis. If you do spot any glaring errors, anomolies or something out of the ordinary then feel free to let us know.

Note too that the results of a past lottery will have no bearing on the results of a future lottery. It is after all a random number generation game. The stats, however, do provide a bit of entertainment and can often highlight those numbers which appear more "lucky" than others.