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Loquax has been listing online competitions since 1998 and we have always been regarded as one of the best sites. In 2013 things changed on Loquax and the listings moved to a new community-led system developed on the forums - with competitions being posted by users and promoters for users. However we still have new and closing comps listed and you can find comps in various ways.

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New CompetitionsNew Today: Find the most recent competition and prize additions to Loquax - you can sort by date, site and prize category too.
Prize DirectoryPrize Directory: You can still find comps by prize type - from cars to cash to holidays to electricals! You can track entries too!

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We run our own giveaway site at prizedraws.co.uk - they're easy to enter and the prizes are small and fun. Login with Twitter or Facebook to take part. There are new prizes added each week.

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New CompetitionsComps By Type: If you like a certain type of comp then we can show you them. Includes Rafflecopter, Facebook, Twitter etc.
FacebookComps On Facebook: A lot of prize draws and giveaways are on Facebook - check out our listings to see what you can win.

Entering Competitions With Loquax

To find the competitions you just click on a post and follow the link/details as shown. In some cases you may find suggested answers or useful advice about entering. Knowing what you've already entered is important when doing lots of competitions, so make use of our free "quacker tracker". When you've entered a competition click the "thanks button" duck - acting as a simple reminder that you've entered.

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