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For a win a house competition to avoid getting into trouble it needs to either have a skill element and/or a free entry route. The competitions below all allow you to enter without purchasing a ticket. In the majority of cases you'll need to send in a first class stamped address postcard/envelope. Check the various terms and conditions for the information that's required. For example you may need to register and include a username or answer a competition question. All free entries should be treated the same as paid entries so it's worth a try. However the price difference between buying a ticket and a stamp might mean it's easier to just buy a ticket. Note that Raffall House Competitions can also be entered for free but to save swamping the list we've left them in their own section.

10 Open Competitions - Free Entry Available

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Disclaimer: Details provided are correct at time of writing and are for information purposes only. Please do your own due diligence before entering! A link is not an endorsement and sometimes no link may be available. In some cases Loquax may earn a referral fee from sales. We strongly advise that you check terms and conditions before deciding to enter. Please gamble responsibly.

Tramway Path Win Another 500K Property

Closes: 9th December 2023 - Cost: £5.00 - Value: £500,000

Tramway Path are sticking to their new tried and tested formula for property prize draws with another cash prize to buy your home. Up for grabs is property anywhere in the UK up to the value of £500,000. The winner can choose their location which makes this very flexible. In addition there's 2 x £50K cash prizes too. Ticket bundles start from £5 but there's a free postal entry option available.

Win A House In Lisburn

Closes: 22nd December 2023 - Cost: £9.99 - Value: £200,000

Super Competitions, yet another pay to enter prize draw site, based in Northern Ireland, are offering the chance to win a brand new 3 bedroom house in Lisburn, County Antrim - alternatively you can opt for a £200,000 cash prize if you're lucky enough to win and sufficient tickets are sold. Tickets cost £9.99 each.

Win A Gallion Glen House

Closes: 22nd December 2023 - Cost: £9.99 - Value: £200,000

This house giveaway gives you the chance to win a brand new home in Gallion Glen, Cookstown, Ulster alongside a 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTD and £20,000 cash. Alternatively the winner can choose to take £200,000 as a cash prize. Tickets, that are selling very fast, cost £9.99 each and the promotion is being run on the popular pay to enter prize draw site, Bear Competitions.

3Million Dream Home With Raffle House

Closes: 24th December 2023 - Cost: £10.00 - Value: £3,000,000

Raffle House are offering entrants the chance to win "a dream home worth more than £3million" in their latest prize draw. However unlike in previous draws where the property has been designated this time round the prize is just £3million cold hard cash to achieve your property dreams. Tickets for this one cost from £10 and subscriptions are now an option.

Win The Christmas House

Closes: 24th December 2023 - Cost: £5.99 - Value: £217,000

This Christmas someone's life could be about to change! On offer in this prize draw is "The Christmas House" that is located in Northern Ireland and £20,000 or a £250,000 cash alternative. This giveaway is hosted by a raffle site called Tommy French Competitions and tickets cost £5.99. There are discounts for bulk entries plus a no purchase necessary postal route available.

Omaze Win A Magical House In Somerset

Closes: 26th December 2023 - Cost: £10.00 - Value: £3,250,000

Omaze head to Somerset for their November/December property prize draw. It's your chance to win a £3.25million Magical Home plus here's £100,000 cash in the package too. There’s no stamp duty, mortgage or conveyancing fees to pay. Early bird entrants have the chance to win £250,000 in cash. This draw is helping to raise funds for The RSPCA.

Win A Luxury Manchester Apartment

Closes: 30th December 2023 - Cost: £4.99 - Value: £350,000

Elite Competitions return with another property prize draw. This time round they're offering the chance to win a luxury Manchester City apartment worth £350,000. The ticket price is reasonable at just £4.99 plus this prize draw includes instant win prizes. These insta prizes include 5 x £10,000 and 5 x £5000.

Win A Hertfordshire House

Closes: 30th January 2024 - Cost: £10.00 - Value: £810,000

New comers to the win a house competition scene, Win Amazing, are offering the chance to win a property in Hertfordshire worth £810,000. The house comes fully furnished plus the winner will also receive £150,000 in cash. Tickets start from £10, although a NPN route is available, and sales will benefit The Julius Jones Trust.

Win A Barge Of Your Dreams

Closes: 9th March 2024 - Cost: £5.00 - Value: £235,000

Move over win a house competitions as it's now win a barge competitions. On offer in this prize draw is a 22m barge that's located in France and worth around £235,000! It's been renovated and features 2 bedrooms with 2 full bathrooms. Tickets cost just £5 (but look out for early bird offers) and the prize draw is running on the Raffall platform.

Win A Mediterranean Holiday Home

Closes: 30th May 2024 - Cost: £2.00 - Value: £125,000

A two bedroom property in Marina d'Or, the City of Holidays, in Spain is the prize on offer in the third pay to enter prize draw from Cloverhut. For just £2 you could be enjoying this holiday home in a residential community. With every purchase you are supporting the work of Habitat for Humanity Great Britain