How To Enter Competitions!

When Loquax started way back in 1998 most competitions and prize draws were either entered using email or online forms. Fast forward 20+ years and there's a multitude of different ways that competitions can be entered. Tag and share, Rafflecopter, Gleams, leave a comment, make a video, share to a story, re-tweet... it's no wonder that people get a little bit confused. To try and assist you we're going to try and briefly explain about the various types of competitions and competition mechanics (how you enter) you might find.

Types of Competitions

Enter By Email Or Online Form

The simplest requirement for a prize draw is to send in your details. Typically this might mean visiting a website and completing a form. Some sites still require you to send an entry via email. You also have to answer a question. In general the answers should be relatively easy to find - they can often be found in the preamble text introducing the draw! Don't be afraid to spend a couple of minutes looking for the answer - it could mean the difference between winning and losing! Entries via online forms can be speeded up using content fillers on browsers or with tools such as Roboform.


Rafflecopter is a competition app/widget that is popular with bloggers running their own giveaway. It allows the promoter to set up and track multiple options for entrants. For example visiting Facebook pages, following on Twitter etc. Whilst many promotions run Rafflecopter competitions they are not always good for compers as the number of entry options/requirements can get a bit out of hand. Login to Rafflecopter by email or Facebook and then follow the options to gain entries.


Like Rafflecopter, Gleam is also a competition app/widget that allows the promoter to set up and track multiple options for entrants. For example you might earn entries for signing up to a newsletter, visiting a Facebook page or referring friends. Gleam competitions seem to be more prevalent these days than Rafflecopter. Login - when required - can be via email, Facebook, Google or Twitter. Follow the options listed to earn entries.


This is a more recent addition to the app family and you'd be right in thinking it's very similar to Rafflecopter and Gleam. The main difference between Rafflepress and the above is that competition data is being retained by the promoter and not a third party. Loquax has recently changed from using Gleam to Rafflepress because it gives us more flexibility. Login to competitions powered by Rafflepress are usually via email or Facebook. Follow the options listed to earn entries.


A survey competition is simply a competition you enter by completing a survey or questionnaire (easy eh?). You will be asked to complete a few questions where there's no right answers, just your opinion! Sites use surveys to gain feedback from their users, to compile data for articles and reports, or to provide information for sponsors. Tickbox used to be a popular site for survey based competitions but sadly closed. Most survey sites these days tend to offer rewards rather than prizes.

Refer A Friend

Telling your friends about a competition might seem counter-productive unless it can get you extra entries. Back in the day you'd often be asked to spam a few friends with a link exclusive to you. These days referrals tend to be via social media. For example a Gleam competition may ask you to refer friends by tweeting your link. Anyone who clicks your link and then enters the competition will earn you an additional entry into a draw.

Instant Win

An instant win competition is one which tells you if you've won straightaway. For example you may be required to enter your email address/details and on submission will receive a message saying whether you've won or not. These kind of competitions are very popular at Christmas when there are a whole bundle of advent competitions to enter.

Advent Competitions/12 Days Of Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for compers thanks to advent competitions. These are giveaways run by countless promoters who offer prizes daily - either for 24 days of advent or as a 12 days of Christmas. The best way to consider advent competitions is like an advent calendar but instead of a daily chocolate you'll find a daily chance to win. They're lots of fun too.

Tiebreakers & Slogans

Tiebreaker competitions online are still not that popular and to the disappointment of many experienced compers they're starting to vanish from offline promotions too. In a tiebreaker or slogan competition entrants are ofen asked to make a purchase and then provide an answer which will be judged by the organiser to decide the winners. With tiebreakers you are often limited to a number of words (e.g. 12 words or less), and a lead in sentence may need to be completed.