How To Enter Twitter Competitions

The arrival of Twitter has led to a new way of comping in the form of Twitter Competitions. Retweeting and Following sounds straightforward enough, but for some people that's not too easy to understand, so here's our guide to getting started! Before you can get underway you'll need to register a twitter account.

Finding Competitions

There are loads of competitions on Twitter, but the majority tend to run for short periods of time and mainly during working hours. Your first stop should be to follow Loquax. Note that we only tweet a few competitions so after that you'll need to find some comping chums and promoters. The best way to do that is follow your mates on Twitter and also do a few searches on hashtags for example #competition. You'll soon pick up on which brands to follow, who are offering competitions that run on Twitter and who just tweet links to other competitions.

In this guide we're going to just give you the basics and to help we've also included videos to demonstrate some points. Please note that the guide and videos are a few years old now and Twitter's functionality has changed. However the content below should still be useful.

Follow To Enter Twitter Competitions

The easiest Twitter competitions simply ask you to follow the brand or promoter. Following people on Twitter is easy, just look for the "+ Follow" button on people's profiles (assuming you're using Twitter via your web browser). When you've found it, click it and it will turn green and say you're Following. Our video below shows just how easy it is. in Our example we've found STVcompetitions and want to follow them.

Reweet To Enter Twitter Competitions

Sometimes you'll be asked to retweet a message to enter a Twitter competition. It's worth making sure you're following the brand too! Retweeting is pretty easy (at least to start with). In our video example we've found that Treatbox want us to retweet (or RT) their message. Locate the "Retweet" link and click it. The tweet will then have a green triangle in the top left corner indicating your RT. Job Done!

There are some comping etiquette issues over retweeting as some people have concerns over being disqualified or not included in the draw. Our advice is always RT the competition entry message direct from the promoter's timeline. Some people also prefer copying and pasting the message to RT into the reply box rather than use the Retweet link - again due to concerns about whether these tweets get picked up by the promoters.

Reply To Enter Twitter Competitions

Reply to enter Twitter competitions are great ways for promoters to engage with their followers. You'll need to follow the promoter and then instead of just retweeting their message, you need to send them a reply. In our example we've found a Harry Potter competition from Red Letter Days and just demo how easy it is to reply.


In some cases you'll be asked to include a hashtag in your tweet. A hashtag is simply a word with a # symbol in front of it! Hashtags are used to search twitter so clicking on #competition will show you the latest tweets with that tag.

That's pretty much the basics to taking part in Twitter competitions. By following a few comping friends (and Loquax) you'll soon be able to get involved. If you want more help and advice then Di Coke's guide to Twitter competitions is your next stop. She has also created a 14 minute tutorial about entering competitions on the platform. Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy.

Twitter Browser or Twitter App

If you follow a lot of compers then you may see a lot of tweets and identical messages in your timeline! This can make life a bit more complicated. so if you decide that Twitter is for you then you might want to look at moving away from Twitter in a browser and seek out a Twitter app. This is a dedicated piece of software that lets you organise your Twitter life a lot easier on the PC, mobile or even iPad. For example an app can save searches on selected hashags or users. Tweetdeck is probably the most well known.

Loquax on Twitter

Loquax doesn't retweet each and every competition on Twitter. We've tried and found in fact that because of the nature of social media meant that it wasn't the best use of our time (sorry). So now, we mention selective competitions and we use Twitter to talk about the Loquax.

Loquax's Top Ten Twitter Tips

  • 1. Follow Loquax on Twitter - just because!
  • 2. Find fellow compers and follow them - they're are some helpful people out there too!
  • 3. Don't just Tweet and RT competitions, chat to brands and friends - get involved!
  • 4. Check for rules, terms and conditions!
  • 5. Not all Twitter comps are UK based, so do look out for locality.
  • 6. Always follow the instructions so that your entry is included.
  • 7. Retweet from the promoters original message, not via another user!
  • 8. Not every competition posted is a Twitter competition.
  • 9. Following lots of brands and compers = long time lines! You may want to seek out a Twitter app.
  • 10. Don't worry if you don't get it - there's always other comps to try.