How To Enter Competitions On Twitter

The arrival of Twitter led to a new way of comping. Instead of sending in emails and filling in forms, entrants could simply tweet and retweet posts from promoters. In our view comping on Twitter (or X as Elon Musk now wants it be called) has been in decline. Users can see limited tweets and we suspect they'll be more decline if/when a paywall is added to stop bots. The vast majority of promoters tend to use Instagram and those who do post on X/Twitter do so as an additional entry route rather than an exclusive location.

Finding Competitions On Twitter

There are loads of competitions on Twitter and many are listed here on Loquax. The thing to consider with Twitter prize draws is that they tend to run for short periods of time and mainly during working hours. Once you've exhausted our list then you might want to search for yourself. Your first stop should be to follow Loquax. Note that we only tweet a few competitions so after that you'll need to find some comping chums and promoters. The best way to do that is follow your mates on Twitter and also do a few searches on hashtags for example #competition. You'll soon pick up on which brands to follow, who are offering competitions that run on Twitter and who just tweet links to other competitions.

How To Enter

Improvements in Twitter's functionality means that it's a lot easier to understand how to enter prize draws. In general you'll be asked to like a tweet or share a tweet (retweet) and that's about it. Occasionally you might be asked to leave a comment. We do have concerns about Twitter as a platform for prize draws as changes in the use of the API means it might be difficult for brands to find all their entries.

  • Follow To Enter - Like a brand's Twitter Channel
  • Like The Post - Click the heart symbol to like the tweet
  • Retweet The Post - Click the arrow symbol to post the tweet to your timeline
  • Leave a Comment - Click on the speech bubble symbol and reply to the tweet

If you want more indepth advice about Twitter comping then we suggest watching Di Coke's Twitter Comping Guide on Youtube.

Loquax on Twitter

Loquax doesn't retweet each and every competition on Twitter. We've tried and found in fact that because of the nature of social media meant that it wasn't the best use of our time (sorry). So now, we mention selective competitions and we use Twitter to talk about the Loquax.

Loquax's Top Ten Twitter Tips

  1. Follow Loquax on Twitter - just because!
  2. Find fellow compers and follow them - they're are some helpful people out there too!
  3. Don't just Tweet and RT competitions, chat to brands and friends - get involved!
  4. Check for rules, terms and conditions!
  5. Not all Twitter comps are UK based, so do look out for locality.
  6. Always follow the instructions so that your entry is included.
  7. Retweet from the promoters original message, not via another user!
  8. Not every competition posted is a Twitter competition.
  9. Following lots of brands and compers = long time lines! You may want to seek out a Twitter app.
  10. Don't worry if you don't get it - there's always other comps to try.