How To Enter Competitions On Facebook

Back in 2011, when we first wrote this guide, Facebook was a relatively new frontier for compers. Many brands wanted to build their following and prize draws were a great incentive to click like and follow. Apps or plugins soon followed as brands became savvy to the reach of Facebook but this caused a few issues and over the years Facebook has tried to introduce guidelines for brands running competitions. That said, and despite some of the below being 10 years old, the basics of using FB for comping remains the same. Before you can get underway you'll need to register a Facebook account.

One Account or Two?

Some compers use two accounts for Facebook - a personal one and a competition dedicated one. However, Facebook do state in their terms that it should be one account per person. Our advice is be careful as you could lose both accounts if caught.

Finding Competitions

Most competitions on Facebook tend to run a lot longer than those on Twitter so there's a large number to get your started listed on Loquax. Once you've joined Facebook, then your first stop should be to like Loquax. We use our wall (the place to post messages) to mention a few competitions and any Loquax news. If you have comping mates on FB then make sure you like them too as by reading their timelines you can spot other giveaways.

Like To Enter Competitions

To enter Facebook competitions you're always going to need to "like" a brand! Some promoters will conduct a prize at x000 likes or enter you into the draw for liking them despite that being against Facebook's guidelines for contests! In our video example we're just showing you how easy it is to like a page on Facebook. In this case it's for Sensation Crisps, who are giving away free crisps.

Facebook Prize Draws

Many Facebook competitions are like free prize draws that you'll find on websites. The only difference is that you'll need to like a page and then enter the competition as required. In this example for Phones4U they were giving away 3D TVs. Most competitions will be linked on the tabs (left side of the page). Once located a prize draw page appears, we answer the question and we're asked for our details.

Don't forget to check the terms and conditions!!

Facebook Apps & Prize Draws

Some competitions run through apps - short for applications. After you've liked a page or entered a competition you'll be asked if you wish to accept the app. By saying "yes" you'll be sharing details with the promoter and/or giving them permission to post on your wall. If you don't accept you'll not be able to enter the competition. In our example we're trying to win an iPad 2 from Magners Cider. In order to play the game we allow them to access information!

Tag To Win

Tag to Win competitions are when a promoter uploads a bunch of images and you're asked to add your name to the photo. They're quite easy to enter, but the downside is that the tags tend to get used up quickly as each image is limited to the number of tags it can accept. Anyway, our video below shows just how simple tagging actually is! It's from a tagging competition for Roope Eyewear and we've located an image to tag!


Some competitions simply ask you to like, comment or share a post. As our guide is now taking on epic proportions we're just going to show you how easy it is to like a post, comment on it and share it. Our example shows the weekly Bears Nibbles competition and what you would need to do if you had to like, share or comment.

That's pretty much a rough overview of how to enter competitions via Facebook. A lot of competitions don't follow the suggested Facebook guidelines though, although until FB clean things up it's not generally seen as a big issue by compers. Of course there are other ways to enter comps on Facebook such as voting, uploading photos and playing games, but this overview should help you get started or at least familiar with things.

If you get stuck you're always welcome to post a comment on Loquax's Facebook Wall! Althernatively you might want to check out Super Lucky Di's video on Facebook. This is a lot more up to date than our videos and covers a few more aspects of comping on the platform.

Loquax on Facebook

We do try and seek out Facebook competitions that are run by big brands as the prizes are usually pretty good, including cars and holidays. These get included on our Facebook Competitions listings. However, unfortunately we can't find each and every like/tag/share promotion as many are short notice. Our advice is colloborate with your comping mates plus keep an eye on the forums where our users share with fellow compers (thanks to them too).

Loquax's Top Ten Facebook Tips

  • 1. Follow Loquax on Facebook - just because!
  • 2. Find fellow compers (who you know) and find/share comps together!
  • 3. Be careful if you're using two Facebook accounts, you're not meant too!
  • 4. Check the rules, terms and conditions!
  • 5. Not all Facebook comps are UK based, so do look out for locality.
  • 6. You're sharing your details so make sure you know who you're sharing with.
  • 7. Watch out for marketing type competition sites - they run comps on FB too.
  • 8. Some "like at x000" member competitions have no hope of finishing - be careful who you like.
  • 9. Keep an eye out for winner announcements - you're not always notified!
  • 10. Don't worry if you don't get it - there's always other comps to try.