How To Enter Competitions On Instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing social media platform that really took off competitions wise in 2019 when many brands started using the service for their advents. Since then it has become much more popular with promoters, perhaps even more so than Facebook and Twitter. Using Insta is relatively easy to enter giveaways as the majority simply require you to like posts, comment on posts and tag friends. Sometimes you may need to share a post or add it to a story.

Although we've written basic guides for Twitter and Facebook we never did get round to creating one for Instagram. In time we may well do it but Di Coke, aka SuperLucky, not only has a useful video but also a downloadable guide. In fairness these are better than any guide we could put together and it seems daft us reinventing the wheel. Di is also more inclined to keep the guides and videos up to date.

You can find the latest Instagram Competitions listed here on Loquax. The biggest issue with respect to the platform is that it is very spam sensitive. Many compers can end up serving bans for making rapid posts due to entering multiple competitions with likes, shares and tags. Tagging is also another big problem as promoters sometimes make absurd requests with respect to how many friends you need to tag for an entry.

If you are venturing into the world of Instagram competitions then having a few comping friends is very useful. You can tag each other when it is a requirement for entry rather than picking random followers who might not always appreciate your comping efforts. Having comping friends on the platform also helps in finding giveaways as Insta isn't the easiest of platforms to search. If you do seek out giveaways on Instagram then just be aware that you come across promotions for entrants in other countries.

For more help with Instagram head over to SuperLucky.