What Can I Win Online?

Comping online has spanned over 2 decades now and in that time there's been pretty much a competition for everything including cars, cash, holidays, iPhones and even houses! Million pound cash prizes have also been won alongside thousands of books, CDs, DVDs, vouchers and other goodies. So the answer is "pretty much anything". The caveat to that though is "but not all the time".

Basically what can you win is determined by the competitions that are currently available! The number and nature of prizes on offer is also dictated by marketing forces and seasonal circumstances. At Christmas there's usually hundreds of festive giveaways, but come January there's always a lull. Likewise if there's a new product launch or a movie premiere then there's usually a few giveaways to aide promotion.

Finding Prizes

The key to finding the prizes you'd like to win is by keeping close tabs on the competition sites and services that are around. At Loquax we've tried to make it easier for you to find the prizes you'd like to win by creating our Prize Directory! There are around 30 categories of prizes ranging from Electricals and Gadgets to Fashion and Beauty.

You may also have to do a bit of searching yourself if you are after something very specific. You need to be "on the ball", especially for special events such as music festivals, sports events and movie premieres.

Prize Trends

It's been interesting seeing how trends have changed since Loquax's inception. For example back in 2000 a DVD Player would have been regarded as a star prize and mobile phones weren't even on offer as prizes!

In recent years the quality - and perhaps even the number - of the prizes has diminished. Promoters have discovered that through social media they can attain levels of engagement with smaller prizes. Back in the early days of comping it wasn't unusual for multiple prize giveaways (e.g. Bertie Bassett Tshirts). Nowadays there's usually only one main prize and few runners up prizes. Big prizes like cars have also become a lot rarer - perhaps a sign of austerity?

It's not all bad news for compers though! Sites like The Free Postcode Lottery have emerged which offer daily cash prizes whilst Facebook and Twitter remain happy hunting grounds especially on #winitwednesdays and #freebiefridays.

Although there are loads of goodies out there to be won, people are still sceptical about online prize draws and competitions. So that begs the question - Do People Really Win Competitions?

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