Where Can I Find Competitions To Enter

You've already found the best service for online competitions - Loquax - but we would say that as we are biased! We've been running a competition community for over 20 years now and thanks to our users there are plenty of prize draws, competitions and contests added to the site daily. The site is free to use and if you register you'll get access to all the listings, different options, tracking and the forums. Not bad for nowt now is it?

On Loquax you can 100s of competitions to enter via our Competition Listings! Choose new today, closing soon or A-Z! You can also sort these lists by date, prize and type of competition. The choice is yours! For specific prizes take a look at our Prize Directory. For those of you who like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other types of competitions, then we can help you with those in our Comp Style Directory.

Our site boasts a brilliant tracker system too so that you can mark off the comps you've done and ignore the ones you don't like. We appreciate that Loquax can often be quite daunting to a newbie but the site is simplicity itself. We suggest you either dive right in (you can't break anything) or check our the Loquax FAQ first.

Searching Google For Competitions

If you still want more competitions then the best advice is search for them using Google. Suggested 'Key Words' to look for when using Google include Competitions, Contests, Sweepstakes, Prize Draws, Surveys, Tiebreakers and combinations like "September 2023" "prize draw". If the Search Engine allows for a second word as a 'filter' - it may be useful to include 'UK' to narrow the search results down to a more managable size.

When looking at Google results we suggest choosing 'Tools' and changing 'Any Time' to either '24 Hours' or '1 Week' as this will give you the newest additions to the database and hopefully the latest comps. You can also limit the country to 'Just UK' via the Tools option. For more specific prizes use phrases such as "win a television" or if you want to be different "terms and conditions" and "closing date" can sometimes yield useful results.

Search Social Media

As well as Google you might like to consider searching on social media. Facebook can be quite difficult to use - in our opinion - but Twitter and Instagram to a point are much easier. Try using hashtags such as #competition, #prize, #winitwednesday and #freebiefriday. Be careful on Instagram though as it doesn't filter UK only brands. But brands are another good way to find giveaways. Follow your favourites on social media so you don't miss out if they run a promotion.

Social media is where a lot of competitions appear these days and if searching isn't for you then you might want to join a group or follow other compers. Facebook boasts a number of comping groups that share information and support each other. Lucky Learners from Di Coke is very popular but we don't know much about them because they wouldn't let us in! There are other groups but we suggest you get recommendations from friends to find one that will suit you.

Make Comping Friends

Making comping friends is a good idea because when they share comps as part of their entries then you also see the comp. A lot of Loquax users are happy to share their social media names and follow for follow new comping friends. if you're not too keen on a lot of friends or are a reluctant social media user then you always 'stalk' a few well known compers and check out what they're doing. It's not that polite though!

All around the country there are social groups of compers who regularly meet up and discuss comping. For a while we managed to emulate something similar on Loquax with our Local Groups section. However as local media dwindled and social media increased these sections have become less busy which is a shame. We understand there are local groups running on Facebook so you might want to check out Super Lucky below to see if there's a relevant group near you on or offline.

Other UK Competition Sites

We're not the only competition portal or service online so if you want to compare what we offer or you just think the grass may be greener then here's some options. All the below have their good and bad points so our advice is go and check them out and see what suits you. Our only advice to you is don't pay for lists of online competitions. There are services that will charge but the reality is that you'll get more using the sites below.

There are a lot more listing sites out there but with the below and ourselves you should have more than enough to keep you busy! Why haven't we included every possible UK Competitions Listing site? Well we either don't rate them or don't like them.

Comping Magazines

Comping magazines have been very popular in the past due to the likes of Competitors Companion and Simply Prizes. The former has closed and the latter is web based only so these days there's really only Compers News publishing as an actual magazine. We haven't seen an issue for years now so don't feel that we can comment on whether it's any good but we know that some compers love it. Our advice is try and get a trial before committing to purchase because it costs £60 a year for a subscription! Remember Loquax is free!

The one plus point about Compers News is that they often highlight offline competitions that can be found in magazines, newspapers, supermarkets, on labels of products. Sometimes that information appears on Loquax or Super Lucky so it's worth just checking you're getting value for money. You can usually find many of these yourself - just keep looking and you'll soon have a trained eye for words like 'Prize' and 'Win'!