Why Do I Never Win?

Compers, especially those new to the hobby, think they're doing something wrong if they're not winning. The thing is, you're probably doing nothing wrong at all. Luck plays a massive part in online comping and you can't control that, but there are things you can do to help you become a winner.

From our own experience the biggest reasons why people don't win is that they don't enter the competition correctly!

  • Entering the wrong details
  • Not following the entry instructions
  • Giving wrong answers
  • Not reading the terms and conditions
  • Not checking winning notifications

Entering the wrong details is a basic error os make sure your email address is correct when filling in forms. There's nothing worse than getting a bounceback when sending out a Winning Email!

Make sure you enter competitions correctly. On Facebook we see so many people failing to follow the instructions and ultimately they don't get their entry. No entry means no chance of winning. Similarly some people don't check terms and this can result in disqualification because they've not adhered to the rules.

Answers are a bone of contention among comping services. Some will post answers whilst others don't! The problem is that not every answer may be correct. Our advice is do your own research.

We've lost count of the number of times we've sent out a winning notification and not had a reply. There must be 100s of promoters in the same boat so do take a few moments each week to check your spam folders.

The Key To Winning

The key to winning is perseverence! Enter online competitions regularly and keep trying. Make sure you've entered the competition correctly and that you've followed the rules. If you're doing that then the rest comes down to luck!

If you're just trying to win a biggie like a car or TV, why not try entering for CDs and DVDs and other smaller prizes you'd like to win. Smaller prizes usually attract lower numbers of entries meaning a better chance of getting that winning feeling.

Don't be afraid to go offline and enter postal competitions. Local newspaper and radio competitions also attract low entry levels.

Gain inspiration and encouragement from other compers who are winning. New wins are posted daily on Loquax in The Winners Post!

Don't forget to check the Winner's Lists - you might have won and didn't know about it. Plus don't forget to check any junkmail or spam filters - winning emails can get lost and you may be not know of your success.

Entering competitions can be a frustrating pastime, but it also has many rewards and is ultimately fun whether you're a winner or not. Keep trying and Good luck!!

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