How Do I Know If I've Win a Competition?

You've done the hard part of entering prize draws and competitions but what happens when the closing date passes? How do you know if you're a winner? In the old days compers would keep an eye on the letterbox for the arrival of LWE's (Lucky White Envelopes) that contained news of a win. These still occur and of course you may get the odd surprise delivery to your door. Your prize may not contain indication of where you won the competition, the reason for this is that many competition prizes are sourced from agencies and they send out prizes on behalf of the promoters.

With online dominating the comping scene winner notifications are lot swifter - and fraught with a lot more problems. Putting social media aside for a moment, many promoters still do rely on good old fashion email to deliver their good news. Make sure your details are correct when you enter. Winning emails can end up in your spam baskets so do make sure you reguarly check them for terms such as "Congratulations" and "Winner" just in case! Keep an eye on the postman too

Social Media

Social media has had a dramatic influence on comping. Scroll through the newest competitions added to Loquax each day and you'll spot plenty of giveaways on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. There are also a few on Tiktok and Threads! Winners on these platforms are usually contacted via Direct Message (DM) so do make sure that a promoter can contact you. Occasionally a promoter may just announce the winner on their page. Hopefully they'll use @username so you're notified.

The problem with social media is that it's a breeding ground for scammers. Many Facebook giveaways get hijacked with bogus accounts contacting entrants saying that they've won. They'll usually include a link to either get your details or even some kind of payment. If you get a winning message in DMs make sure it is from the official account running the promotion! Just to be clear - if you are asked to pay for a prize then it's likely you have not won anything. See our scams section for more details.

Searching For Winners

There are a number of other ways to discover if you're a winner! The Facebook group Competition Winners is particularly useful - just enter your name in the group search box. Thanks to the input of Loquax users you can also check some Winner's Lists that have been published on the internet. These are listed in our forums.

You can also use tools such as Google to find any undiscovered wins. If you're not familiar with searching then our advice is check out How To Search Google by Super Lucky. This blog post includes a video guide to show you what to do and the best terms to use.