How Do I Know If I've Win a Competition?

In the olden days of online competition organisers would notify the winners by means of email (WEM or Winning Email). However in our new social media world you need to be a little bit more on the ball when it comes to finding out if you're a winner.

Firstly, many promoters still do rely on email so do make sure your details are correct when you enter. Winning emails can end up in your spam baskets so do make sure you reguarly check them - just in case!

Plus watch out for the postman deliverting those LWE's (Long White Envelopes) or BBB's (Big Brown Boxes). Your prize may not contain indication of where you won the competition, the reason for this is that many competition prizes are sourced from agencies and they send out prizes on behalf of the promoters.

Social Media

Social media has had a dramatic influence on the way winners are announced!

On Twitter for example you may receive a Direct Message (DM) or the promoter may post a message with your @username so that you receive a notification. Our advice is keep an eye on your notifications and do the occasional search.

On Facebook you may get a direct message from a promoter informing you of your win. Not all messages are flagged up so with Facebook it's also worth checking your 'Message Requests'. Some promoters may just post your name to their wall when announcing winners - so be vigilant, keep an eye on comping groups and do searches to find your name.

Some competitions and draws post the winners name on the site, and ask that the winner CLAIM their prize. This is especially the case with daily lotto raffles!

Searching For Winners

There are a number of other ways to discover if you're a winner! The Facebook group Competition Winners is particularly useful - just enter your name in the group search box. Thanks to the input of Loquax users you can also check some Winner's Lists that have been published on the internet. These are listed in our forums.

You can also use tools such as Google to find any undiscovered wins. If you're not familiar with searching then our advice is check out How To Search Google by Super Lucky. This blog post includes a video guide to show you what to do and the best terms to use.

Be careful, not all winning notifications are valid. For example if you are asked to pay for a prize the it's likely you have not won anything. See our scams section for more details.

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