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2p or not 2p is the obvious question when picking which games to play in terms of players, card cost and prize. Our initial observations with our Bingo Games Index is that 2p games are only good value when there's a fixed pot. For some reason 2p games also seem to attract more players than 1p games but have less prize pots. This could indicate that players don't buy so many cards per game.

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Bingo Lite Bubble

Jackpot: 1194.13 Players: 337 Cost: 2p
Rating: 177.17

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As our data is being drawn from the bingo operators at regular intervals it's important to note that the player numbers and prize pots will be ever changing. We can therefore only offer The BGI as a guide to current bingo activity. However, it does show that 2p bingo games don't feature in our top sites as much as 1p bingo and surprisingly 5p bingo.

Of course, the first rule of any pay to play gaming is stick to your limits, but if you're not having success with 2p games when you're maxing out on cards, a different strategy trying 5p games but buing less cards but for the same monetary value may be worth a try?

Data is given on an as is basis and information is given as a snapshot of events.

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