Ideal Bingo Games

An ideal bingo game is one where the number of players multiplied by the card cost equates closely to the amount of money in the prize pot. This means that the playing field for players is fairly even (on average everyone has the same number of cards). A bingo room will always skim money off bingo wagers for costs and progressive jackpots, but the rest goes back into the game to be won. If our BIG index is close to 1 then we regard this is as indicative of an "ideal game".

Best Bingo Games

How ideal is the ideal game? It's difficult to tell, but assuming 20% is taken off the top by bingo operators it's still fairly close to a "level playing field" (or as level as it probably can be). The downside is that most "ideal games" are expensive, suggesting that rarely do players max out or buy large multiples of cards, either that or the operators are doing well out of these games!

Deciding to play these games simply shortens your potential odds of winning compared to our top bingo rooms that have much higher BGI values. The decision to play a high BGI game or one above is up to you, the player. We think a room offering a decent prize and a cheap bingo card price is more attractive even if the odds of winning aren't as good as above. However, if you're spending 1 to enter above you could spend 10p for 10 tickets on a higher BGI 1p game. The choice is yours.

Data is given on an as is basis and information is given as a snapshot of events.

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