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Loquax's The Bingo Games Index works best for bingo games where you have to pay to play, but what about all that lovely free bingo that's on offer? Surely because it's free it's worth playing? The answer is "yes", at least to a point. By playing you have nothing to lose, but are all free bingo games of the same value? By looking at the prize on offer and player numbers we now have a Free Bingo Games Index (FBGI) and the current top 20 free bingo games are shown below.

Top Rated Games

Costa Bingo

Freasy Peasy

Jackpot: 1.00 Players: 56 Cost: 0p
Rating: 0.02

Sing Bingo

Funky Free

Jackpot: 1.00 Players: 64 Cost: 0p
Rating: 0.02

Data is updated every 10 minutes!

It's important to note that to play some free bingo games you will need to make a deposit. As a general rule of thumb if the jackpots on offer are a few pounds then it's free to play without a deposit, if the jackpot is high then the site may well only open the room to depositing players.

As these games are free you have nothing to lose but time playing them. The idea behind The Free Bingo Games Index is that you can target selected sites and free rooms in terms of value. A bingo room offering a few pounds and attracting hundreds of players is less attractive when a competitor site is offering more prize money but has less players.

Data is given on an as is basis and information is given as a snapshot of events.

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