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Facebook is not only a place where you can chat with your friends and find out what people you used to go to school now look like. There's countless bingo apps available to add to your profile. These apps let you play your favourite game, meet new FB friends and shunt Farmville aside. Whilst most of the apps are free - and offer virtual prizes, recent changes to the social media network have seen the launch of actual pay to play games that offer real cash prizes.

Facebook Bingo For Real Cash Prizes

In 2012 the first pay to play game for real cash prizes was launched - Bingo Friendzy - in association with Jackpotjoy. This was followed by 888's version called Bingo Appy. Despite the usual concerns raised by the media over gambling and the presence of gaming on Facebook neither service has really taken off - most certainly not on the scale of the free apps llke the ones below.

Friendzy and Appy work exactly the same as any online bingo site. The difference is that you play via Facebook - although you can't access the games via your mobile. For Friendzy your login is exactly the same as the one you use for Jackpotjoy. Without greater numbers to build cash prizes or exclusive promotions then these really are just extra average sites for players to choose from.

Bingo Friendzy

Play For Fun Facebook Bingo Games

Bingo Island: Has almost 500,000 active users and over 10,000 reviews. This app is described as "the best, most fun and social Bingo on Facebook!".

Bingo Blitz: Developed by Buffalo Studios, this app now has over 666,000 subscribers. They've made over 40,000 reviews too. They say "It's not your Grandma's Bingo anymore! Play this fast-paced, high-action" version of the game. No sooner had we linked to this site, Facebook went and removed them!

Skill Bingo: A slight variation on the bingo game, your aim is to click on the numbers as they're drawn as quickly as possible. There's usually prizes for the best players, but the information on the wall suggests that some players are unhappy.

There are plenty of other apps to look at, but what we did find was that many of the walls were plastered with bingo or casino advertising messages. It didn't make us want to sign up or even delve any further. Another factor to note is that to get further in some of the games you do need to buy credits. Facebook requires social game developers to process payments through Facebook Credits, so it'll be interesting to see how that effects some of the less popular games.

Popularity Contest

The popularity of some of the free play games is astonishing, but it's important to remember that online bingo isn't allowed in The USA which may explain why Appy and Friendzy aren't as popular. USA gaming laws prohibit online gambling. Whether, by playing through Facebook that law is circumvented we don't know (if money is being paid, then perhaps yes?).

What it does show though that there is a desire for the game of bingo, at least in some form. In essence online bingo sites are their own social network - players chat, see their profiles etc - so it's a shame that many have to turn to Facebook to enjoy their pastime.

Finally, although not a bingo game, don't forget you can follow the latest bingo news and updates from Loquax on our Loquax Bingo pages.

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