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Whilst assessing the merits of Cow Patty Bingo we concluded that perhaps it may result in the longest ever game.. and that got us thinking. What is the longest game of bingo ever played. Unfortunately we're not 100% on the answer, but we have found some other bingo world records!

World's Biggest Bingo Card

In December 2014, Gala Bingo broke the world record for the biggest bingo card. They hosted a 90 ball game on a 5x2 metre card as part of an event to raise funds for the Royal Voluntary Service.

Biggest Bingo Balls

Earlier in 2014, Gala Bingo broke their first world record by hosting a game on Coronation Street using the biggest bingo balls - with each ball measuring 60.1cm. Ex-stars of the show threw the balls out of the windows of the famous homes whilst Alison Hammond compered.

In 2017, Sun Bingo are aiming to beat both of these world records during a special Having A Ball live event in Blackpool.

Largest Bingo Games

According to The Guinness Book of Records, the largest online bingo game was played by 493,824 players and took place in Japan during September 2010. We're not sure if there's an official UK record, but in 2008 ITV's Bingo Night Live did break the record for the world’s largest online bingo game. In 2006, 70080 players in Colombia participated in the largest game of bingo.

Biggest In-House Bingo Win

In 2008, Christine Bradfield won a massive £1,101,686 whilst playing the National Bingo Game at the Castle Leisure Bingo Club in Merthyr Tydfil. Not only did Christine become a millionaire, she also became a record holder!

Largest Game Of Bingo In An Office

This was set on 28th April 2012 as part of Recordsetter World Record Day. 97 TaskUs employees played bingo in their office to take the title. If you wish to beat this record then all participants must be in the office and playing bingo - plus video evidence is required!

Longest Time To Balance Basket Of Bingo Balls

Doug McManaman was the name that led us to these records as on one site he's down as playing the longest game of bingo. However, Doug holds two bingo records! In the one above he balanced a basket of bingo balls on a pole on his chin for almost one minute and twenty seconds. If you fancy trying to beat this record then you need a pole, a basket and at least 150 bingo balls. Being slightly mad may also be an advantage!

Tallest Bingo Marker Tower

Doug is back for his second record with the tallest tower made from bingo markers (not daubers as we expected)! This one may be tough to beat as you will need the special markers to do it. If you do find a box of markers to try out this record then you'll need to beat Doug's score of 82 and your tower will need to stand for at least 10 seconds.

We're still on the quest to find information about the longest game of bingo ever - but in the mean time join us in saluting Doug and Taskus with their current records. We wonder whether there are any UK players who fancy trying to take on these challenges?

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