Is Free Bingo a Scam & Other Bingo Questions

In this section we aim to answer as simply as we can some of the frequently asked bingo questions that we see popping up as we spend day to day looking at bingo. If you have a question that you think we should cover do feel free to drop us a line!

1. Is Free Bingo a Scam

No! Free bingo is offered by bingo operators to entice you into their sites and by offering small prizes (where you're usually playing against a lot of players) they hope you'll part with your money to try some of the pay to play games. The main thing to realise with free bingo is that in order to withdraw any winnings you usually need to make a deposit. In short it's not a scam, just a clever marketing ploy!

2. Which Is The Best Bingo Site?

This is a subjective question! For some players a busy site like Costa Bingo might be ideal, whereas for another it might be the smaller community offering of Think Bingo. Different sites have different platforms too - so it really depends what kind of games you're looking for, the promotions you like and the quality of the gaming experience. If you judge the best site in terms of players then the popular bingo sites might be worth a look.

3. What Are Sister Sites In Bingo?

Players that jump from site to site soon notice that the same games are quite often found on different bingo sites. Many sites are interlinked or networked. This means you can enter the same rooms but via different doors. This doesn't effect the game play! As well as networked sites, some bingo operators run more than one standalone site. For example Costa Bingo is the sister site to Sing, City and Fancy Bingo. All sites are standalone. But, Diva Bingo is the sister site to Gossip Bingo and Bingo Giving and these are networked!

4. What's The Bingo Call For....?

Bingo call names (or bingo lingo as it's sometimes called) fascinates a lot of people, but whilst you might know the calls for 1, 11, 22 and 88 - not so many probably know the calls for 3, 9, 15, 57 or 90! Take a look at our list of bingo calls - don't worry we won't be testing you!

5. How Do I Login To City Bingo?

We're not sure why this occurs so many times - but it does seem a lot of people have issues with City Bingo's login! If you are having problems then our advice would be to head to City Bingo and select the "Help" tab and contact them via email.

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