Bingo Game Variations

Bingo in The UK is probably thought of as a 90 ball bingo game played on rectangle cards and the numbers are crossed off as they're called in an amusing way by a bingo caller. However, bingo has many variations and with the arrival of online bingo it now has a number of variations.

The 90 Ball Bingo Game is the traditional version as played in The UK. There are 90 balls, a bingo card of 15 numbers and the aim is to get one line, two lines, and a full house. That's about it. Over in The USA though 75 Ball Bingo is the norm. This is usually called pattern bingo as the aim of the game is cover the numbers of a specific pattern.

Creating A Buzz

One of the problems with online bingo is that it perhaps doesn't have the "buzz" that you get when playing in a traditional bingo hall. For that reason online bingo games have been adapted to give players added excitement and interactivity.

For example in Jackpotjoy's Blox Bingo - provided you've bought enough cards - you can play a quick round of the Blox game for the chance to grab an extra bonus. The success of Deal or No Deal Bingo resulted in the arrival of other TV themed games such as The Chase, Emmerdale and Coronation Street. Other variations include Britain's Got Talent, Love Island and Hot House Bingo.

Facebook Bingo

Social media has had some influence on online bingo. We still have Facebook Bingo Apps that allow people to play with friends across the world plus there's the ever growing trend towards Mobile Bingo. However, Facebook quickly clamped down on games like Bingo Friendzy and more recently they've started limiting gambling brands using their platform. UKGC rules also make using social media a tougher proposition.

All these things challenge the game operators - they need to come up with new ways to keep players returning whilst not deviating too far away from the fundamental basics of the bingo game.

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