The Worst Bingo TV Adverts

As our list of bingo advert reviews has dramatically increased over time we thought that it was high time that we nailed our colours to the mast and named the TV bingo adverts that we feel are the worst in class. To be fair it's been a difficult decision given just how many candidates there are. From Minxy Bingo's toe cringing Jane advert to the antics of a twerking cactus courtesy of Mecca Bingo there's plenty to put you off turning on the box.

Here are our choices for the worst TV bingo adverts - ever!! Or at least until something else comes along to beat them!

Lucky Pants Bingo

Go Get Your Lucky Pants
Daily Express Bingo

Claire Sweeney Introduces

Do you agree? Why not check our our list of bingo adverts and see if your choice is on the list. If there's an advert you feel should be on the list then do let us know!

Our Top 10 Best Bingo Ads

Wink Bingo