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Article Updated On 22nd February 2021

2021 has been relatively slow for new bingo sites and games but you can always rely on Tombola to change the status quo. Not content with piling out a load of exciting variations on bingo like Pulse, Paper, Potions and The Machine, they're back with yet another new game. This time it's 30 ball game called Bubble Bingo. In many respects it similar to Pulse but there are no number calls in this case.

Bubble Bingo

  • Type Of Game: 30 Ball Bingo
  • Cost: 10p, 25p, 50p, 1 or 2
  • Open: 24/7
  • Prizes: Full House
  • Extras: 10 Different Rooms
  • Special Features: Jackpots For FH in 14 calls or less.

How To Play Bubble Bingo

The lobby area of Bubble Bingo is very blue and unsurprisingly loaded with bubbles. A slightly up-tempo spa style soundtrack plays in the background whilst you peruse the list of rooms available on screen. These include soar, glide, drift, float, pop, foam and burst. All words that you'd associated with bubbles. Each room is limited in the number of players that can access at any one time! Once inside a room you'll be asked to select your stake. Bubble Bingo is a multi-stake game so you can play the same game as your fellow roomies but wager 10p, 25p, 50p, 1 or 2. The full house prize and jackpot prize will vary depending upon your choice of stake.

With your stake you purchase three tickets, one green, one red and one blue. Each has 10 spaces but most notably there are no numbers involved. The coloured tickets are on the left, right and top of the screen whilst 30 bubbles float around the middle area. The background of the game screen is a beutifully crafted scene. By default this background is random but it can be changed to Desert Valley, Northern Lights or Ocean View by visiting the options area. Players can also opt to switch between auto-marking or daubing the calls themselves. We suggest you stick to auto!

Jackpot Prize

At eyes down the bubbles start to pop to reveal a coloured marble. These marbles then fill up spaces in your tickets. The first player to fill up a ticket of 10 marbles of the same colour will win the full house prize. If more than one player wins then the prize is shared. As well as the full house prize Bubble Bingo offers you the chance to win a fixed jackpot. This can be won by any player who calls house in 14 calls or less. Play 10p stakes and the jackpot is just 50 but it increases up to 1000 should you choose to play a 2 stake.

Because there are no numbers involved in Bubble Bingo you might be thinking that everyone must win at the same time. After all you've all got the same cards of 10 red, green and blue marbles to collect. That's actually not the case! Each player will see different calls for their cards so Player 1's first 'call' may be red but Player 2's first call might be 'blue'. The best way to think about the game is that it's a like a scratchcard and everyone is revealing their symbols at exactly the same time to see who has the winning ticket.

Our Verdict

Tombola have created yet another exciting option for their bingo players although is it really bingo? It feels like bingo and it's actually quite fun to play but it doesn't have the element of 'numbers being drawn from the same pot' in order to create a winner of the game. In that respect we think it's more in the realms of multiplayer instant win game rather than something along the lines Pulse, The Machine and Paper. We do think it provides quite a nice link between Tombola Bingo and Tombola Arcade though. Bingo pedantics aside is it worth playing?

It is different to the usual bingo games and if you like different then have a pop at Bubble Bingo. However we did note a few roomies not enjoying their Bubble Bingo experience. That's nothing unusual for most new games but it's not something we've seen so quickly on a Tombola release. Mind you all the rooms were packed and it took a good few minutes to find one to play in. Surprisingly we actually won a game whilst trialling it so that's a good sign. Overall it's worth taking a look at because it does provide something different to normal bingo - and from 10p a play it's also not bad value.

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