Poker Odds Calculator

Sadly, knowing a bit of maths is a useful commodity when playing poker. By being able to calculate the odds of your opponents having a winning hand can help you quickly determine whether to raise, bet, check or fold. Not all of us though have the mathematical genius mind of Le Chiffre in Casino Royale but there is help at hand - in the shape of this neat odds calculator tool from!

Play around with the settings above and you'll be able to quickly see the odds of winning depending on your opponents position. The more you understand about probability the better the choices you can make in real play. Surprisingly we found one poker room that's happy to allow players to add on a poker odds calculator. Paddy Power Poker have even produced a video about a piece of software you can download and use to determine the odds during actual game play.

Be warned there are two messages on Youtube suggesting the download has a problem - we've been unable to verify that - and as Paddy Power are still offering the free poker calculator download would hope that it's fine to use. It appears to be a great tool as not only does it calculate odds for you it also analyses your opponents and categorises their gameplay. Some may see this as 'cheating' and not in the spirit of the game but if it helps you develop as a player, especially if you struggle with numbers, then it might be worth a consideration.