Blackjack Strategy - How To Win At Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular casino game. It's easy to play and enjoyed by casino goers around the world. However, the players who do well at Blackjack know the basic strategy of the game. It's also important to know the house rules for the game you're playing as this can affect your's or the house's chances of winning a given hand.

Stanford have developed a basic strategy guide for the most common blackjack rules. Although the guide isn't 100% right all the time and is not guaranteed to win you piles of cash but the suggested strategy has been proved on average to give the player best chance of winning. The strategy works in single deck and multiple deck games too. Of course the specific house rules will also have an influence on your percentage chance of winning a hand. The image below shows a snippet of the guide.

Blackjack Strategy Guide

S: Stand or Stick
H: Hit
D: Double
P: Split
H/R: Surrender or Split

A full version of this free blackjack strategy guide is available for you to print off and use here. To develop your blackjack strategy skills why not try the Blackjack Trainer or play free blackjack online? Or you can watch this video tutorial from CasinosDoc!

The video is quite useful and covers a lot of basic information. There are further videos available too including explaining how to count cards to your advantage.

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