Play Keno Online

The objective of Keno is for the player to guess which numbers, from 1 to 80, will be randomly selected by the Keno machine. Each time the game is played, the player chooses 1 to 10 (or more) numbers (between 1 and 80) and the wagering amount. Essentially it's a bit like bingo but without multiple players - at least online - and a lot quicker. In The UK Keno hasn't really taken off and it's most certainly not as big as it is in The US. At UK game sites and casinos it's more of an "instants" game these days with variations on theme being the only real difference from site to site.

Grand National

In this horse themed Keno game, the object is to match between 1 and 8 horses as they go past the finishing post. There are only 40 horses and to bank your stake you need to match at least two numbers. In comparison to Neptune this is a much more engaging game but the odds are probably not in your favour.

Free 888 Keno Game (Demo)

This demo version of Keno from 888 is the the basic version of the game. It shows a basket of balls, very much akin to bingo, and the object is to match your selections with those generated by the computer. This is one of three versions of Keno that you'll find at 888 Games - Jackpot Keno 15, Keno Cup 2010 and Table Keno are your options.

  • Set your stake
  • Select your numbers or use autopick
  • Click "Go" and watch the numbers roll
  • Match the numbers to win.
  • Remember this is a demo game, to play for real follow the link to 888Games

If you want to try Keno or any other instant win games for free then demo play is usually always available. However our advice is select a few of the no deposit bonus casino sites and use the free chips. Terms apply with regards to wagering requirements.