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Bingo isn't just about the latest promotions and new sites, our features highlights news and articles about the game. Whether it's quirky or serious we'll keep you informed by putting bingo under our spotlight. Note that these articles are often opinion items and are designed to spark debate and conversation.


ASA Ruling Forces Rehab To Become Rosy Bingo

Bingo sites have been under the cosh lately. They've been forced to withdraw images that may appeal to children, change their no deposit bonuses and slap terms and conditions over ....


Watch Curling Or Hug A Tree For A Bingo

The Winter Olympics are taking place in Pyeongchang County, South Korea this month. During our weekly review of all things bingo we were happy to discover links to a Curling Bingo....


From Snowflakes To Solo Bingo Via Phoenix Nights

Last week we reported that a number of sites were offering Superbowl Bingo cards. That's not unusual when it comes to a big event but using the popular game for current affairs mos....


FanDuel Offer Super Bowl Bingo Game

Super Bowl 2018 takes place on Sunday 4th February when New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Patriots are favourites to win the final, but the Eagles will be h....

Loquax Bingo

Salute The Bingo World Record Holders

Whilst assessing the merits of Cow Patty Bingo we concluded that perhaps it may result in the longest ever game.. and that got us thinking. What is the longest game of bingo ever p....


The Bingo Caller Machine App

Once upon a time if you wanted to host a bingo evening at a local club or pub then you'd need a bingo number machine. These were like wirey metal hamster balls full of balls and wh....


New Bingo Brand Names Inspired By Jimmy Kimmel

One of the biggest challenges facing new bingo brands is coming up with a brand new name. It has to be said that the quality of site names has taken a turn for the surreal over the....

Loquax Bingo

Suggestions For New Brexit Bingo Calls

In case you've been living in a bubble, a few weeks ago The UK voted in a referendum. The result of that referendum was in favour to leave The EU and that sparked a chain of resign....

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo Launch New Winkly Magazine

If you drop in to Wink Bingo this week you'll find a new addition to the site. It's called the Winkly Magazine and this new online section aims to offer readers content created fro....


Patrick Gives His Thoughts On Bingo

It's time for another video about bingo that's not from the mainstream. In the video below we meet a guy called Patrick Kinney from Delaware. Patrick and his family love playing bi....

888 Bingo

888 Reveal Four Newish Bingo Sites

Surprises don't happen very often these days in online bingo. As soon as there's a whiff of a brand new site in the air there are reviews and pages online about it - usually months....


WFT Are These Drinking Bingo Balls

A while back we started a series on strange bingo related videos which was easy when everyone was dancing to Gangnam Style. Anyway we're back again with the team from WFT - Wonderf....

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