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New Bingo Sites For January 2014

Added on Wednesday 15th January 2014

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December was a funny old month for new bingo sites. Just when you thought that everyone was packing up for fun and festivities there was a surge of new releases. These included the surprise arrival of a new brand on the Cashcade Network, a seemingly festive brand joining the 15 group and yet more additions on Dragonfish and Cozy Games.

The biggest new arrival was that of Telly Talk Bingo, a new brand from ITV. The site is expected to replace the current ITV Bingo one and offer players the chance to play online and chat about what's on the box. They're offering a 10 free no deposit bonus to new players and it seems the Cashcade limitations of one account per player across the whole network has been lifted. However, there's little or no talk about the telly and this is something that will need to be addressed.

The Dragonfish Network has picked up a number of new additions recently but the trend amongst these new brands is to not work with affiliates. Instead new arrivals from the 8 Ball Games camp get their first outings on selected sites. This means you won't find reviews for Isle of Bingo and Neon Bingo here on Loquax. You're not missing much though as they just use the same promotions as our own Loquax Bingo.

Rumour has it that 8 Ball are developing a number of brands and are using the same approach with respect to their marketing. Unfortunately there's not a lot we can do about that, but so far we've not seen anything to suggest you're missing out. Bubble Bonus Bingo are another new addition on Dragonfish, and have adopted a similar approach to with their launch. In fairness to them they do have some nice exclusives that players may enjoy and these are described in our review - yet the fundamentals remain the same for the basic bingo games and slots.

Those 8 Ball folks have been really busy and recently launched a new site on the 15 Network. However, The Bingo Party doesn't offer anything you won't find on another new addition Elf Bingo! This means you'll find network promotions on both of them, a 200% welcome bonus for new players plus a spin the wheel bonus. As we're unable to promote one product we're obviously going to point you in the direction of Elf, or even our own Clucky!

You'll probably now not be surprised to hear that 8 Ball have also released a brand on the Cozy Games platform as well! Bubblegum Bingo is the latest addition to the Winners Bingo Network. This includes Play2Win who do feature on Loquax and who offer exactly the same promotions, so once again you're not missing out on anything other than perhaps a free trial or bonus. The Cozy Games software was also chosen by two other new arrivals: Fun Bingo and Bingo VIP Club.

A flurry of new sites should bring plenty of excitement for portals and players, but once you start sifting through there's not a lot going on. New sites not working with affiliates is nothing new and that doesn't influence our views though if there's something good on offer for players. Of all the new launches only Bubble Bonus have put together a package we think is worth a real look. Telly Talk follow in second but only because they offer a free tenner otherwise there's nothing new. The rest are in the category "seen it all before" and because of that there are plenty of alternatives for players to choose from.

Let's hope 2014 brings something that's genuinely new to the market place. If the end of 2013 is anything to go by then we're going to put our hopes too high.

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