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From Trio Bingo To Vinnie Jones

Added on Monday 27th January 2014

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A couple of weeks ago we shared an advert for Daily Mirror newspaper bingo which heralded from the 80s. We've already featured one from The Sun and now we can make it a hat trick as we've unearthed one from The Star. This one appeared in 1985 and demonstrates just how the game changed since it first appeared a few years earlier.

In the advert for The Star (now The Daily Star) the bingo cards have a Mexican theme and it advertises new Trio Bingo. Our three amigos are shooting and tooting to tell you about a brand new game. Instead of giving you just one card to play The Star made life more exciting by giving you three. In a swipe at it's rivals it said that three cards made their game easier to play.

Other newspapers reacted to this simply by copying or adding more cards per game and before long the bingo card insert got bigger and bigger. We'd love to find some old newspaper bingo cards just to see how big they got - we're pretty sure they used to cover 6 to 8 pages with numbers on the front and back. It's perhaps no wonder that people lost interest as it used to take an age to mark off the numbers.

Thankfully things have changed for The Star and bingo since 1985. They pulled off the coup of 2013 by convincing ex-footballer and Hollywood hardman Vinnie Jones to star in their advert for Daily Star Games. Vinnie still fronts the site which currently offers all new members 1 free bingo. Sadly there's no Trio Bingo - perhaps that's an idea for the future?

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