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Camel Racing Arrives At Bingo Hollywood

Added on Monday 28th April 2014

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In recent times Wednesdays have become known as hump days - the day in the middle of the week which heralds the downward slope towards the weekend. Thankfully no one has yet launched Hump Day or Hump Bingo but Bingo Hollywood have taken the name on board for their latest promotion!

Every Wednesday they hold a Camel Race. See what they've done there! Hump day, camels, humps, camels, genius. Disappointingly there are no actual camels racing so you'll have to make do with the Animal Planet clip above. The bingo version of a camel race is in fact a bingo card based race that takes place between 9pm and 11pm on Hump Day. Beforehand you do need to choose a runner and rider and you do this by logging in to Bingo Hollywood. Full details are on the promotions page.

You need to pick a number from the B row of a 75 ball bingo card. This means you need to choose a camel from B1 to B15. To win the race you then need to be playing at least three cards and also get five numbers to help your chosen mount romp home. For example if you choose B2 then you would need 2,17,32,47,62 in order to cross the winning line. Similarly B15 would require to cross off 15,30,45,60 and 75.

We presume you just need to spot the calls rather than cross them off your cards? Just to add a further layer of complexity to this hump day promotion - you may also have to claim your prize. If you're first past the post then you'll win 3000 loyalty points. There are 2000 and 1000 points on offer for the players who come in second and third too. We're pretty sure it will become a lot clearer once you start playing.

To be fair we much prefer the Hamster Racing that takes place over at Tombola - simply because it's a lot easier to understand. In fact over complexity seems to be a trait with chat games or side games when it comes to bingo. The age old saying of Keep It Simple Stupid should be applied in as many cases as possible. However that said we do like the idea of the Camel Racing for hump day. Hopefully the chat hosts will encourage players to get involved and help explain how it functions a little bit better than the site does.

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