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Lucky Pants Bingo Goes All Mills & Boon

Added on Friday 24th October 2014

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As mentioned earlier the folks over at BingoCams have unleashed a video nasty on us to promote their Halloween promotions. Well it turns out that Lucky Pants Bingo have also done the same. However their video nasty is of the romantic kind and through illustrations it shows how Luke Pants fell in love with Betty. You may want to grab a bucket.

The video shows Luke from Lucky Pants Bingo in his fetching lucky pink pants. The voice over explains that Luke is lucky for bingo players but he secretly yearned for a partner. Even bingo balls have stirrings of desire and Luke longed for someone to share his love with, perhaps go travelling or start a family.

Now Luke is a bit fussy in the choosing a partner department and whilst he had the pick of all the ladies he just couldn't find someone to connect with. Luckily for Luke his love problems came to an end on the day he met Betty Balls - a bit fortunate some might say given they're both pant wearing bingo balls.

The part where Luke and Betty get together is worth replaying a few times. For a moment the video seems to be taking the style of a kid's TV cartoon from the 70s - at least until you hear about Betty batting her eyes in her yellow frilly knickers. It's like Bod meets Mills & Boon! Aunt Flo and PC Copper could have slotted right in to the story without any problems.

Sadly there's no sign of Flo, Copper or Bod! The good news is that as viewers we're spared any gratuitous interactions involving the balls once they've got together. Instead we get to see them go off hand in hand into the sunset whilst enduring the excruciation of the voice over guy rhyming glance with pants!

In fairness we have absolutely no idea what the purpose of the video is for! We presume Lucky Pants Bingo just thought it was a fun thing to "put out there" - perhaps for Halloween! The graphics are pretty cool but we've no idea who wrote the script because it's awful (we can't forgive the end rhyme). Maybe Lucky Pants Bingo will release a non-speaking video that people can dub over with their own versions of this love story!

Anyway it's nice to see Luke happy with his Betty Balls. Now we'd love to see a sequel which sees Luke caught having an affair with Brenda Bingo.

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