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Foxy Gets Reem Fashion Tips From Joey Essex

Added on Thursday 8th January 2015

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By now you should know that Foxy Bingo has had a makeover but who do you think helped the fox choose his latest outfit? Well Foxy have put out a little video showing their fabulous fox getting fashion tips from no other than Joey Essex, who was taking some time out preparing for The Jump.

The video shows Foxy at Fusey, Joey Essex' Fashion Boutique in Brentwood. Joey is seen waiting for Foxy to come out and show him his brand new outfit. Joey tells Foxy that as he's in Essex he needs to look reem. Now we've never watched TOWIE and therefore had to figure out what that meant!

Basically reem means 'cool' although if you look it up in The Urban Dictionary there are some alternatives there! It's probably best if we don't share all the definitions with you but we did like the one that describes reem as a saying that "automatically gives others permission to belt you round the face with a shovel."

Fortunately Foxy doesn't hit Joey round the face with a shovel but instead decides it'd be a good idea for him to do some dressing up of his own. So we see Joey dressed up as a Scotsman, Compo from Last Of The Summer Wine and Liam Gallagher. The fun ends with Foxy revealing his latest outfit to Joey who declares that he's looking reem. Again there's no shovel.

We're a little disappointed with this clip as it could have been so much more fun. We'd actually like to see Foxy regenerate Doctor Who style and then having to decide his outfit from a selection. Joey Essex is a nice enough lad but we'd rather have seen Foxy dressing up in different outfits. By the way, as far as we know you can't purchase Foxy's suit from Fusey - we wonder if that will change after this clip?

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