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Knock Knock The Free Chip Van Bingo Is Back

Added on Friday 11th September 2015

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It's been a while since we put up a slightly odd bingo video - but thankfully we've managed to source one care of Game Village Bingo. Each month they have a Knock Knock game and it's done via their radio show. In the clip below, Wally - who is described as the "Village Idiot" does the call to Linda, who happens to be an Australia Bingo player.

We've never listened to one of these clips before and have to say it's a bit of a cringefest. Wally tries his best to be funny but asking Linda if "Jason Donovan is still number one" and making some stereotypical comments kind of misses the mark for us. What makes it slightly better is that Wally sounds like the lovechild of Zippy and Harry Hill.

By the way if you're hoping for some Knock Knock jokes in the proceedings then you're going to be very disappointed. The promo works in that Linda picks a ball and wins the prize on the ball (in this case 75). She gets the chance to pick again to see if there's a better prize available.. and that's it. We have no idea where the knocking comes into it.

One thing that we didn't realise though was that Game Village Bingo is open to Australian players. We'd always assumed that the doors were only open to UK residents. It's not a bad thing by any means but it's still a surprise to discover! Mind you we'll probably give the bingo radio show a wide berth if the above is the standard of comedy available.

On a more positive note there's good news for lovers of free bingo and especially the old Chip Van Bingo that was a big feature of Game Village before it moved platforms. The Chip Van is back and dishing up freebies in special 50 ball games. It's open between 8am and 6pm daily for depositing players. Enjoy six games every hour as well as the chance to win up to 100 jackpots.

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