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Blast Those Bingo Wings With Sherrie Hewson

Added On 14th August 2017

Bingo wings is a term used to describe the flabby parts of your upper arms and, of all places, Gala Bingo want to help you tone up and lose them. They've signed up, former Coronation Street star and Loose Women presenter, Sherrie Hewson to assist in this endeavour. Are you up for the 30 day Bingo Wings Challenge?

To help you with the challenge, Gala Bingo have released four videos featuring Sherrie doing some exercises. The first one (above) is called "The Belgian Stretch" and it involves putting your favourite chocolate biscuits on the highest shelf. This then forces you to reach up high to get them!

The second exercise is 'The Scoop' and this, as you can see in the video, involves scooping ice cream out of a tub. Apparently this will work those triceps although we think Sherrie's tub has been out of the freezer for far too long. Our advice is get clotted cream ice cream as that's pretty much impossible to scoop!

Resistance training is important when working on your bingo wings, although we suspect Sherrie isn't quite on the money with exercise number 3. Sitting and looking at a chocolate eclair and resisting temptation may not be that beneficial. The stretches to reach out for the eclair however could be helpful.

The final part of the Gala Bingo Burn involves Sherrie's take on pilates. Angry Cow is when the plate of nachos is far away, whilst Happy Cow is when they're close by. Perhaps the idea is to move the plate backwards and forwards to tone up those bingo wings?

According to the information on Youtube, Gala are hosting a full 30-day Bingo Wings Challenge and information can be downloaded from the site. However the link isn't working at present so we're none the wiser as to what the challenge involves.

In the mean time why not start practicing Sherrie Hewson's suggested exercises - but maybe not eat the cookies, ice cream, eclairs and nachos!! Or you could check out the 10 minute bingo wings blaster exercises as recommended by The NHS.

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