Chockablock From Loquax

Following on from Lake Loquax and Hocus Poker, we went on to launch another game - the simple but addictive Chockablock. This Java powered game is very much old school and an eon away from mobile apps of today such as Angry Birds, Bejeweled Blitz and Candy Crush. However back in the day this was pretty cool and a way of taking Tetris to a different dimension.

You can still play Chockablock - fill in the form and you'll be able to return to keep playing.

How To Play

Chockablock pieceChockablock is a simple to play Java game where you must try to piece the tetris style pieces into the grid so that they completely fill 3 by 3 squares which will then disappear leaving clear space.

Chockablock piece The next piece to be placed appears in the box on the right and clicking it will rotate it. On higher levels grey blocks appear in the grid which cannot be removed and hinder you.

Chockablock piecePlay as "guest" (no password) to try the game out. Register your own username to keep track of your score and appear in the high scores table.

Play ChockablockPlay ChockablockPlay ChockablockPlay Chockablock

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Chockablock was designed in 1999 and the login system is separate from the registration and login set up for Loquax's forums/main site.