Lake Loquax

In 1999, Loquax launched this fun game based on the old school 'Lemonade Stand' which we used to to play when the computers of the day were BBC B Micros. Whilst now very much in the 'retro' category Lake Loquax continues to be popular. It's been used by schools to help kids learn about basic economics - mind you we never expected that! To us it's just a fun free game that hark backs to a simpler time! We hope you enjoy it.

Lake Loquax

Welcome to the Compers Cafe at Lake Loquax
To start the game, type in your first name or nickname, and hit the button below - Good Luck! - instructions are below!

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Lake Loquax Instructions

Sunny!You are renting a kiosk called 'Compers Cafe' at Lake Loquax - you can sell either cups of hot tea, which sell well when it's cold and rainy, or glasses of ice cold orange juice, which sell better when the weather is hot and sunny!

Rainy!Each evening you look at various weather forecasts and decide how to stock your kiosk for the following day. You will have to pay for your drinks supplies in advance and choose how much to charge your customers for their drinks. You have 100 to start with and have to pay 10 rental on the kiosk each day.

Rainy!To entice the lakes visitors to your kiosk you can pay Archies Adverts to put up some advertising posters up for you if you like.

You have 3 weeks to make as much cash as you can!

Lake Loquax Hints & Tips

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