Hints & Tips For Playing Lake Loquax

Don't charge too much: If you try and charge your customers too much they'll stay away in droves

Don't charge too little: You'll get more customers if you charge very little for your products, but you won't make much profit. Try charging between 20 and 40 pence more than you pay for each product and see how the customers react.

Advertising works: Usually anyway! A few well placed posters work wonders, but blanket coverage of the lake may put people off as they've come here to enjoy the scenery after all. Beware rival kiosk owners may rip your adverts down in which case no one will see them that day.

Weather: Hot products like tea and coffee sell well in cold weather, Cold products like juice and ice creams sell well in hot weather. There are five types of weather round the lake, from hottest to coldest they are: Sunny, Cloudy, Windy, Rainy, Snowy.

There are always a few oddballs who'll buy a hot drink in baking heat or an icecream in sub-zero temperatures. At least one of the weather forecasts will correctly predict the weather.

Retire when you're rich: If you've made wads of dosh you can retire with it there and then, you don't have to wait til your three weeks are up. There is no penalty for packing up and choosing to spend your twilight years on a Caribbean beach.

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