Your Own Lake Loquax

With your own Lake Loquax kiosk you can name your kiosk to replace "Compers Cafe", and place a logo (recommended 100x100 pixels) of your choice in place of the "Your Logo Here". You also choose the two types of goods sold by your kiosk - One for hot weather and another for cold weather.

Your kiosk will also have it's very own top ten; this should work straight away.

To get the HTML code for your kiosk fill in the form below, and then add the code to your web page - it's that simple! If you have any problems, please contact

Information for Use in Your Game

The information you give in this table will be used to play the game. The linkback url and text mean that the game can link back to your site; please give the url of your game page or main page, and some text for the linkback, for example "Return to Bob's Page" or "Back to the Cafe".

Name of Your Kiosk
URL of your Logo
Hot Weather Snacks
Cold Weather Snacks
Linkback URL
Linkback Text

Administration Information

The information in this table lets us know who is using the game so we can link back to you, and in case of any problems. If you choose not to fill it in, we won't be able to contact you, link to you or tell you when your code needs changing, and the game may not work. We provide the game, please be polite and let us know who you are. Thanks.

Contact Name
Contact Email
URL of Home Page
URL of Game Page