Responsible Gaming & Playing Bingo

Bingo can be great fun, a brilliant way to meet people and be social online. However, it is online gambling and it can be addictive. Although we actively promote gaming we do want our visitors and users to enjoy the game and not for it to cause problems.

Many bingo sites will allow you to fix the amounts that you pay in each week/month and all will close your account if asked to do so! You should only play with money you can afford to lose! The video below features Jeremy Kyle talking his gambling addiction and there's some excellent advice contained within the interview.

If playing online bingo - whether it's financial or spending too much time playing free games - is becoming a problem then please seek help and advice. There are some excellent services available to help you overcome the issues.


If gambling has become a problem for yourself or a partner then you can seek advice from Gamcare and Gambleaware.

Loquax's Guide to Bingo