Pay To Enter Prize Draws, Raffles & Skill Competitions

In recent years we've seen an increase in the number of pay to enter, low odds, prize competition sites. They usually refer to themselves as raffles although is actually a misnomer and can lead to confusion. Entrants have to purchase tickets for the chance to win cars, holidays and other lifestyle items. Unlike a free prize draw, which can attract unlimited entries, pay to enter competitions will normally restrict the number of entries. Additionally, to avoid falling foul of The UK Gambling Commission, these competitions either must have an element of skill such as spot the ball or offer a free entry option.

What Are The Best Sites?

But are these competitions safe and should you consider entering them? Can you enter them for free? Following on from our win a house listings we've decided to apply the same approach to pay to enter sites. We'll be looking at the best sites that are available, the prizes you can win, the entry process and most importantly whether you can trust them. Do they have winners? How long have they be running? Are there any issues we feel need to be raised? Are they responsible when it comes to paying and playing. We also welcome your comments on any of the sites featured below.

24 Featured Raffle Sites

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BOTB - Featured Competition

Win Dream Cars, Cash, Holidays, Watches is probably the most well known car competition site and it offers entrants the chance to win dream cars and other prizes three times a week. Car competition ticket prices start at 85p and rise to £4.80. Alternative cash prizes can be awarded.

Omaze - Featured Competition

Win Luxury Houses is a worldwide raffle style site that raises money for charity by offering incredible experiences. Originally UK entrants could enter the worldwide giveaways but that seems to be no longer the case. Omaze UK now focuses on luxury property prizes and you can enter online without making a contribution to good causes.


Win Holidays, Experiences

DayMade, formerly TripHunters, gives you the chance to win a variety of prizes, including bucketlister prizes worth £25,000. The site comprises a weekly lottery style prize draw that you play via subscription. You can choose from two weekly subscriptions, Lite & Premium, plus there's a free competition to enter too.

Mecca Raffles

Mecca Raffles

Win Gadgets, Cash, Bingo Prizes

Mecca Bingo have launched their own pay to enter competition service at Mecca Raffles. Enter for the chance to win various prizes including gadgets and cash. Tickets cost from just 50p and all prizes are guaranteed. No purchase postal entries available.

Aspire Competitions

Win Campervans, Tech, Cash

Aspire Comps want you to win big and spend little. They run numerous competitions from just £1.99 a ticket and prizes include campervans, cash, hot tubs, scooters and watches. The site also makes regular charity donations and has supported a number of good causes.

Click Competitions

Win Cars, Cash, Tech

Click Competitions gives you the chance to win tech, cars and cash prizes from as little as 99p a ticket. The cash competitions have no minimum entries and prizes are guaranteed. All draws are done live on Facebook using a random number generator.

Bounty Competitions

Win Cars, Tech, Cash

Bounty Competitions offers entrants the chance to win various prizes including vouchers, lego, campervans, cars and even houses. Tickets start from 99p and tend to be reasonably priced throughout.

McKinney Competitions

Win Cars, Tech, Cash

McKinney are one of the UK's top low odds competition sites and have given away over £20million in prizes since launching in March 20202. Their prizes include cars, cash and even property including a villa in Portugal and an apartment in Spain.

Paragon Competitions

Win Luxury Prizes

Paragon Competitions describes itself as a luxury prize giveaway website where you can win incredible prizes and experiences at low odds. Prizes range from cash to TVs and Lego sets whilst ticket prices start at around £1.50. They also offer a lot of transparency and promote responsible play.

Dream Car Giveaways

Win Cars, Bikes, Tech, Cash, Watches

Win your dream car with Dream Car Giveaways. Select a competition, answer the question and enter the prize draw for the chance to win. Tickets cost from £1.99 but a free entry route is also available. All draws are streamed live on Facebook using Google’s random number generator.

Good Life Competitions

Win Cars, Tech, Cash

At Good Life Competitions you can enter for your chance to win Super Cars and other luxury prizes. Unlike many sites you don't pay to enter individual prize draws but instead pay a monthly subscription. New visitors to the site can sign up for a 7 day free trial.

7 Days Performance

Win Cars, Tech, Cash

At 7 Days Performcance you can enter pay to enter prize draws chance to win your dream car. Current prizes include Audi RS3 and Nissan GTR. Other prizes include a hot tub and tech bundles. Tickets costs range from 99p up to £7.89. All draws are live on Facebook.

Elite Competitions

Win Cash, Cars, Tech, Lifestyle Prizes

Elite Competitions are the raffle site that was seen on Dragon's Den! Prizes range from super cars, houses and large cash sums through to items such as hot tubs and tech. Ticket prices start around £1.99. Live streamed videos of the draws are shown on social media.


Win Cars, Cash, Lifestyle Prizes

Raffolux describes itself as the home of luxury raffles. Sign up to get access to the competitions. You will need to deposit at least £3 into your wallet or enter free by post. Tickets start at just £1.

Bear Competitions

Win Cars, Tech, Cash

Bear Competitions is a low odds prize draw site that offers the chance to win cash, cars and more. Winners are guaranteed for each draw and these are conducted live via Facebook. Ticket prices start as low as 49p!

Rev Comps

Win Cars, Motorbikes, Watches

Rev Comps offers entrants the chance to win a variety of vehicles. Purchase tickets and answer questions to enter the draws. Some prizes are guaranteed which means they're awarded regardless of ticket sales. Ticket prices tend to cost from £6 and upwards.

Redline Competitions

Win Cars, Cash

Redline offers weekly cash draws as well as the chance to win a fantastic mix of 80s, 90s & 00s cars. Tickets cost from £1.99. Live draws are shown on their Facebook page and they even have apps for Apple and Android phones.


Win Luxury Watches

In October 2020 Watchlotto just closed their doors without any warning. Their website was taken down and all social media channels removed. However it looks like this site is back up and running again. Their aim is to award as many players as possible with luxury watches.

Boxpoint Comps

Win Fitness Prizes

Whilst other raffle sites focus on cars and tech, Boxpoint Comps offer entrants the chance to win fitness prizes. Trainers, weighted vests and stand-up paddleboards are just some of the prizes that can be won. Ticket prices however start at £3 but there is a NPN option.

Storm Competitions are giving entrants the chance to win high-quality low mileage prestige cars in their online promotions. Ticket prices vary but are typically around £12+. Prizes provided by sister company Storm Motors include a Mercedes, BMW and a 6 Berth Motorhome.



Win Variety Of Prizes

Raffall is a platform of user generated competitions. Users including brands and individuals can offer prizes ranging from homes to vouchers in pay to enter prize competitions. There are numerous competitions running and most ticket prices start at £1. The platform has become more popular thanks to successful win a house raffles.

Raffle House

Win Houses, Cash, Tech, Lifestyle Prizes

Originally lauched as a win a house platform, Raffle House has evolved to running prize draws for other prizes including holidays, cars and tech. There are also fixed odd competitions with cash and win a house tickets up for grabs. Dream Home raffles continue.


Win Variety Of Prizes

Raffique is a person to person raffle site that allows users to post up their own competitions. Visitors can then enter these prize draws whilst Raffique manages the payments and processes. Prizes include houses, holidays, cars and cash. Tickets start from £1 and free entry is also available.

Cloud Nine Competitions

Win Cars, Lifestyle Prizes

Recently relaunched, Cloud Nine Competitions offers entrants the chance to win a variety of prizes including cars and lifetsyle goodies. Ticket prices range from £1 to £10. Open to UK & Ireland, a free entry option is available.

Are Pay To Enter Competitions Gambling?

In our view these kind of prize competitions or raffles as they're wrongly named fall into a grey area between gambling and free prize draws. To enter a pay to enter prize competition you usually have to complete some element of skill. This ranges from answering a multiple choice question through to spot the ball. If you're spending money on a raffle with a limited number of tickets then essentially you are gambling that cash on you winning at fixed odds. However skill competitions or pay to enter draws like those above, as well as win a house competitions, are not overseen by The UK Gambling Commission. However they all involved spending money and can be addictive. Therefore we have included a notice on each listing. Our advice is that you play responsibly - treat the sites like you would any brand that offers bingo, slots or sportsbook gambling.

Are They A Con?

On the surface some of these competitions seem great. However it is important to look under the surface. Not every prize is brand new! Some sites offer second hand cars and watches as luxury prizes. Closing dates can also be misleading. For example you might purchase a ticket for a competition that ends this month. However the terms may state that the raffle will extend it's closing date for a number of times. Prizes are not always guaranteed either. If insufficient tickets are not sold then a cash prize is usually awarded. Our ratings above should give you an idea of the best sites to choose from. The best sites will guarantee prizes regardless of the number of tickets sold.

How Many Different Competition Sites Are There?

We currently feature 26 pay to enter sites in this section. However there are 10s more of these kind of sites active. Zap Competitions for example power over 20 different brands with it's platform. If you drop in on Trust Pilot there are reviews for a large number of sites with new ones coming on board all the time. Visit one of these sites and you're guaranteed to see adverts for even more raffle sites the next time you drop in to Facebook or Instagram.

Can I Enter Pay To Enter Competitions For Free?

In some cases you can get free entries. For the most part these will be postal entries. In fact from the list above only Omaze offer an online free entry option. What we do see is that a lot of the sites will run free prize draws, sometimes on social media, offering credit as a prize. Our advice is if you're not sure about these kind of competitions then leave them alone. If you are curious then select a well known and established brand rather than one of the many new sites that keep popping up.

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